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  • Case Study Of Sumatera Forest Fires

    1.1 Case Study Sumatera has one of the largest rain forests in Indonesia as well as in South East Asia. Sumatera Forest basically has peat soil type that caused easier to burn. Estimated between 7.3 to 9.7 hectares are covered by peat lands or roughly a quarter of the entire area of peat lands in the tropics (Hisyam, Damanik, Anwar, 1984). Sumatera Forest Fires are the one of the serious problem in Indonesia. It happened almost every year. However, some of the biggest were happening in 1982,…

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  • The Indonesian Genocide

    mass killing of a specific ethnic group. The Indonesian genocide was an invasion by Indonesia on East Timor. East Timor is a country that was a Portuguese colony up until 1975 when the country gained its independence from Portugal and Indonesian control in the West. Right before the invasion, President Ford was reported to have visited Indonesia, which has been assumed to have symbolized his permission for Indonesia to invade the East Timor country. This invasion has killed an estimated…

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  • Islamic Inheritance Law In Indonesia

    In all Indonesia, perhaps no legal issue is more confused, more likely to excite intricate and lively debate among legal professionals and political activists both, than inheritance. This statement, however, was not enough to describe the complicated and complex issue of inheritance in Indonesia. The inheritance affair in Indonesia not only implicated legal professionals, activist, and academics, it also positioning itself as the fundamental of religion consciousness for the larger mass of…

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  • India Case Study

    Indonesia is one of the very few nations on earth to span such a broad spectrum of world history and human civilization. Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands (Indonesia, 2002). The population of nearly 220 million people is derived from 300 ethnic groups who speak over 250 distinct languages. Muslim or Hindu, Buddhist or Christian, Indonesians are free to workshop their own faith, provided they adhere to the Pancasila creed, aimed at preserving harmony (2002). Indonesia has the world’s…

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  • The Importance Of Peat Forest In Indonesia

    hectares of peat lands, of which 83% is located in Indonesia (Wetlands International, 2014). According to Wetlands International, (2014, p. 1) “Peat land is wetlands with a thick organic soil layer (peat) made up from dead and decaying plant material”. However, despite the fact that peat land has an important role in the biosphere, peat land is also one of the most flammable forests in the world. Currently, the worst peat land fire is unfolding in Indonesia. This problem is far from over, with…

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  • The Importance Of Traditional Martial Arts

    leading to ‘inner knowledge’, or ilmu batin, a spiritual cultivation (Samudra 2006: 217). Many of the practices that come under the rubric of ilmu batin are associated with the Sufi orders, which are closely connected with the spread of Islam in Indonesia (Lee 12). Science, as understood in PGB, is universal and is treated as something nearly tangible. Silat skill can be exchanged, given or taken, kept to oneself or shared, even stolen or destroyed (Samudra 2006: 209). Anyone can in theory…

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  • Traffic In Jakarta Essay

    Traffic In Jakarta Have you ever imagined being stuck in traffic worse than New York? If you haven’t, then you’ve never been to Jakarta. The capital city of Indonesia that is home to roughly ten million people has to endure in such distress in their daily commute that has to travel twice less of an average speed in New York said Greenfield. This traffic is greatly caused by the impacted population that the city has to accommodate, the lack of public transportation and the slow-growth of roads…

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  • Haze Pollution Essay

    only produced by the flame of trees, but also smouldering peat releasing huge carbon and persistent smoke (Gaveau 2014). Consequently, Indonesia’s carbon stock degradation reaches 217,000 tonnes per year (FAO 2011) Some parties get benefits from Indonesia deforestation like big palm-oil company and small scale farmers because of the lower cost they get in freeing the land than by sustainable method (Howes and Wyrwoll 2012). However, costs of deforestation of course highly affected on local and…

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  • My Motivation For Pursuing A Ph.d

    My motivation for pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at UC San Diego (UCSD) emanates from my lifelong goal to be a leading scholar in the fields of International Relations and Comparative Politics, teaching and conducting research at a major research university. UCSD’s Department of Political Science’s model of cross-disciplinary work, ethos on close mentoring and supervision, emphasis on methodology and multivariate analysis, wealth of world-class faculty across subfields, combined with the…

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  • Examples Of External Invasions

    Classical Indonesia, although not called Indonesia at the time, began with the early records of the Srivijayan society during the 7th century until the 11th century. In between those centuries, we also encountered the Sailendra dynasty from the 8th century until 9th century. Then, in the 14th century, the Majapahit empire rose to power, and to this day remains as one of the greatest empires of Indonesia. Next, Early Modern Indonesia mainly consisted of the Kingdom of Mataram…

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