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  • Future Generations: The Baby Boom Generation

    Although the baby boom generation has proven to have a significant impact on the larger society, they also represent a serious problem to future generations to come in the job market. In today’s society, jobs are being offered based on years of experience and educational background. For the boomers, “work life extension could be a good thing” for them and the economy (Moody and Sasser 2015, 465). By having the boomers in the workplace, this calls for a diverse work environment. On the other…

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  • Baby Boomer Generation: The Millennial And Z Generations

    “Kids these days” is a term with a negative connotation that is commonly used among people from the Baby Boomer (1946 to 1964) and X (mid 1960s to early 1980s) generations when judging children on their hobbies and activities. According to them, the people of the Millennial (1980s to late 1990s) and Z (early 2000s and on) generations have much different childhoods and adulthoods than the previous two generations. In their eyes, children and young adults today are nothing like what they used to…

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  • Cultural Background On Nursing Care

    The Impact of Cultural Background on Nursing Care Over the past 30 years, the nursing workforce has slowly evolved from being composed of primarily young or middle-aged white women, to encompassing individuals of both genders, many races, ethnic cultures, and four generations. The average age of the nurse has increased from 39 to 43, and men as well as minorities have entered the field. Studies show that a diverse healthcare workforce benefits patients because they develop a better connection…

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  • Generational Stereotypes

    Today’s workforce is more diverse and individual than in any other time in history. The work-force is made up of different genders, ethnicities, cultures, and ages. Understanding these differences is essential, difficult, and the key to success. In the United States, there are currently five different generations of people alive at the same time (DelCampo, 2011). These generations include The GI Generation, Traditionalist Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y or Millennials.…

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  • Environmental Factors Affecting Obesity

    The increasing older population isn’t any different and is probably the most susceptible age group to be affected by those factors. Some of those factors include lifestyle habits such as what they eat, use of alcohol and tobacco, exercise or lack of physical activity and medications. Eating healthy foods especially foods rich in vitamins and proteins is extremely important to keeping up their strength and immune system. Physical activity also keeps up strength and increases mobility. If the…

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  • Cultural Transformation Case Study

    Cultural Transformation According to Kowske et al. (2010) and Holt, Marques, and Way (2012), cultural transformations for Generation Y came in the form of increased oversight by both parents and the U.S. Government, brought about by safety innovations, changes in family dynamics and new government regulations, and focus on team building exercises in both academia and through extracurricular activities such as sports (p. 266; p. 82). Per Holt et al. (2012), these changes lead to a generation that…

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  • Narcissism In Pop Culture

    We all have our heroes, our idols, we could even call them our gods; their influence to us is superficial, their greatness creates some of the best moments of our lives, we feel an emotional connection with them even though we have never met them. These are celebrities, media personalities, politicians, athletes and even fictional characters whom through the different forms of media collectively create and become the foundations of our pop culture that heavily influence our lives from fashion,…

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  • Intergenerational Issues In The Workplace Essay

    History of Intergenerational Issues Exploring the Intergenerational workforce, there are four dissimilar generations in the workforce currently. From the Traditionalists, to the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Which makes it challenging, creating intergenerational issues in the workplace. Besides, complex depending on the group of people that are employed in an organization. However, as managers, is important to understand your employees, their cultural differences, providing all…

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  • The Dunwich Horror Summary

    This story begins with the narrator describing the town of Dunwich for many pages talking about how old it is and how it was home to many strange things. It then flashes back to a child being born by the name of Wilbur who was the son of the Whatelys. These people were known to be born of inbreeding which may have been the cause of the son maturing way quicker than any other normal child. By the age of 1 he was able to speak perfectly and a few years later could walk and run perfectly. At 7 this…

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  • Neutrogena's Case Study

    The Battle for Young Wallets Why Generation “Y” is Destined for Failure. There has been a lot of discussion regarding spending habits that haunt adolescents and young adults. While our parents and theirs before us were plagued by the need to own properties and settle down, the future Generations seem more consumed with the idea of changing the usual status quo. Over university, they are choosing college and alternate forms of education, some even forgoing continued education institutions.…

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