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  • Bartolome De Las Casas Essay

    Primary Source Document 1 Casas, Bartolomé De Las. “Bartoleme De Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies.” The Cuba Reader, Jan. 2009, pp. 12–14., doi:10.1215/9780822384915-003. Bartolomé de las Casas created this document. He was a 16th century Spanish historian, social reformer and Dominican friar. His significance was that he was the first to expose the oppression of indigenous peoples by Europeans in the Americas and to call for the abolition of slavery there. He arrived…

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  • Case Study: Q-Star Merger Acquisitions

    1. The merger process of two companies can be divided into 3 stages. The first stage is the preparation phase. From 1994 to 1995, two companies started contacting each other through a minivan contract in China and established a joint-led company, Q-Star. This cooperation has left a good feeling for two companies, and the staff was highly appraised of the project. Since 1995 to 1996, the management board of two companies still had the intention to cooperate, but there was no fixed goal to work.…

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  • Essay On Six Hour Work Week

    The six-hour work week has too many downsides for it to be more benifical system than a standard eight-hour work week. It lures people in with fewer hours in the workplace, but fails to mention it's major flaws. Many people believe in the six-hour work week, each for defering reasons, and they say that it would help businesses as a whole, for both workers and employers. However, there are two major reasons implementing a progam like this, just couldn't end well. First off, it has ended in…

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  • William F Shughart Turn Back The Clock On Daylight Savings Time Analysis

    In the article, “Turn Back the Clock on Daylight Savings Time” by William F. Shughart II, Shughart discusses the flaws of the concept of daylight savings. This article touches on daylights savings and what Shughart believes are its shortcomings. From the get-go, he states that daylight savings time is a scam. Shughart delves deeper into the subject of daylight savings and begins by detailing its origin. Benjamin Franklin first proposed the concept of daylight savings in 1784 as a method of…

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  • Newtech's Impact On Competitive Advantage

    4. BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS MANAGEMENT’S IMPACT ON COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Introduction to competitive advantage In modern global economy and globalised market it is of high importance to be competitive and ahead of your business rivals or competitors. Competitive advantage is (Warf, 2010. p. 559) “an improvement on the traditional theory of comparative advantage”. Sustainable competitive advantage is considered (Baaij, Greeven and Van Dalen, 2004) a cornerstone concept in strategy practice and…

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  • Yeast Case Study

    that can be used for biodiesel. We conclude that yeast oils, the cheapest of the oils producible by heterotrophic microorganisms, are too expensive to be viable alternatives to the major commodity plant oils. Algal oils are similarly unlikely to be economic; the cheapest form of cultivation is in open ponds, which then requires a robust, fast-growing alga that can withstand contaminating bacteria and protozoa and gain an oil content of at least 40% of the biomass. No such alga has identified…

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  • Case Study: Maverick's Computer Industry

    Porter’s 5 Force Model on computer industry Porter argues that the threat of new entrants into the market threatens the current level of profits enjoyed by the current industry participants. Entry into the computer industry is characterized by high capital requirements due to high investment required. Computer industry has superior and established brand identities that enjoy the industry economies of scale and fully developed distribution channels, making is the barrier of entry high for new…

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  • Noise Trader Essay

    2. Noise trader risk Noise trader risk refers to the risk that the mispricing worsens in the short run because there is possibility that pessimistic traders become even more pessimistic about the future. Once a position is taken, noise traders may drive prices farther from fundamental value, and the arbitrageur may be forced to invest additional capital, which may not be available, forcing an early liquidation of the position. 3. Information gap and financing issues Generally, the arbitrageurs…

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  • Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift (PEAD)

    Post-earnings-announcement drift (PEAD) refers to the tendency of a stock’s return to drift for several monthly following publications of earnings results (Sadka, 2006). Ball & Brown discovered this anomaly in 1968, where they argued that investors tend to underreact to the information content of earnings. This explains why firms with high-standardized unexpected earnings (SUE) outperform low SUE companies. It is also worth noting that the persistence of this anomaly raises serious concerns…

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  • Why Is Art Nouveau Important

    d active until the early 20th century (1905 or arguably 1910). After a life span of 25 years, Art Nouveau went out of style, as it was succeeded by Art Deco as well as suffered from the social shift caused by World War I. If Art Nouveau was forgotten, how important must it have been? Art Nouveau was immensely important since it was more than an art style. It was a lifestyle of its own. During those 25 years of existence, it was omnipresent. From graphic design, jewelry, architecture, product…

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