Demographic economics

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  • Business Leadership Trends

    difficult analytical process, must be conducted to ensure stability within the working environment. Not ensuring the cohesive behavior of the millennial generation and that of the previous generation, may cause situational restraints that could become economic and productivity downfalls within a…

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  • The G. I Generation In The 20th Century

    businesses, government, and how each individual was influence to the social and economic landscape. Cohorts…

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  • Generation Y: Millennials Are Changing The Workforce

    For businesses, understanding the millennial mindset opens doors to opportunities. As Baby Boomers retire, and Generation X is a significantly smaller demographic, Millennials will become the dominant force in the workplace and take on business leadership roles. For other generations, the idea of “learning to accept” the untraditional is new; but for Millennials, this is the norm. To dismiss Millennials as…

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  • Population Growth In China

    .. The aging population is expected to peak at 400 million by the early 2030s, with its proportion of the total population rising to one-quarter from one-seventh today. “A reduction in China’s labor force signals the gradual decline of China’s demographic dividend,” said Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Institute of Sociology under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).”SUPER With the decrease in people that can work, it’s going to increase the labor cost for manufacturers. The Chinese…

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  • Five Nursing Generations

    enhance nursing and other industries. Harnessing younger generations’ idealism, innovation and creativity, while fully utilizing the older generations’ wisdom, and experience will guide the workforce safely through the demographic challenges and the period of profound political, economic, social and technological change that the world has entered (Abrams & Von Frank, 2014). Fairness and consistency in how one treats these individuals will make the difference in a team that is successful or…

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  • Environmental Factors Affecting Obesity

    The increasing older population isn’t any different and is probably the most susceptible age group to be affected by those factors. Some of those factors include lifestyle habits such as what they eat, use of alcohol and tobacco, exercise or lack of physical activity and medications. Eating healthy foods especially foods rich in vitamins and proteins is extremely important to keeping up their strength and immune system. Physical activity also keeps up strength and increases mobility. If the…

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  • Assignment 1 Identify A Pertinent Environmental Concern

    pertinent environmental concern (eg. climate change, fisheries depletion, deforestation, soil degradation, river health, etc) and discuss how population changes at the global and local levels may impact on the issue. Explain why various change(s) in demographics may or may not result in improvement to the environmental management of this issue. Humanity and our environment are a complex relationship that exists in a delicate balance, yet a growing awareness of climate change and its impacts on…

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  • The Aging Population In The United States

    Over the past few decades and in the coming decades the structure of United States’ population is expected to change greatly. Changes in population are primarily focused on the older population as it is “important to public and private interest, both socially and economically” (Ortman, Velkoff, 2014, p. 1). To put it into perspective, the population of those 65 and over in 2050 is expected to be 83.7 million compared to the 431 million in 2012 mostly due to the baby boomer generation. While the…

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  • Baby Boomers Vs Generation Z Essay

    Every generation is separated by a group of years. Within a certain set of time, a significant amount of information can develop or change. A few years after the Great Depression the Baby Boomers generation started, from 1946 to 1964. Many things were invented and a lot of things were improved upon. Between the years 1996- 2010 Generation Z stepped into the spotlight. Even though, start to finish there is a 64-year difference between the oldest and youngest of these two generations, there is…

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  • Determinants Of Consumer Involvement By Sapna Solanki

    This paper is an academic critique of an article written by Sapna Solanki (2013) titled: Determinants of Consumer Involvement: A Quantitative Analysis of Laptop Purchase. The author undertook a research study to find out the impact of demographic variables and attributes on consumer involvement in purchase of laptops. My examination deliberately concentrates on particular parts of the article as far as procedure and legitimacy of exploration strategies and results. I have attempted to develop a…

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