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  • Chapter 7 The Spoilsmen Analysis

    Industrial Revolution, they controlled most of the wealth, and thought that since they or their parents worked hard to get it they deserved it. The Republican Party was corrupt at this time, and was more successful than the Democrats. All the Republican Presidents during this time period were corrupt in some way, and even the leaders of the Republican Party were corrupt, men like Roscoe Conkling and James G. Blaine. In fact, there was so much corruption that reformers were few and frowned upon…

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  • Essay On Racism And Discrimination

    One of the major ongoing problems in the United States is racism and discrimination. This dates all the way back to when Native Americans or Indians were forced to migrate to other lands by the Europeans. In this society, every minority, mainly African Americans, Native Americans, Islamic and Muslim people, are the target of some type of discrimination and unfairness. Unfortunately, it is only getting worse. Since the time of the Trail of Tears, this type of discrimination has changed. This…

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  • White Man's Burden By Desmond Nakano

    White Man’s Burden (1995), is a movie that was written and directed by Desmond Nakano, who is a third-generation Japanese-American. (Nakano, 2017). Nakano, born in 1953, was forty-two years old when the movie was released. Being a third generation Japanese- American, it is likely his grand-parents and/or his parents, or people they knew, were interned during World War II. That experience may have been a motivation for writing a story about race relations. The history of America is replete with…

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  • Stomayor Speech Analysis

    Sonia Sotomayor, a judge, in her speech Opening Statement to The Senate Judiciary Committee, describes her past and her accomplishments such as all of her experience being a judge and her nomination into the supreme court by president Obama. She writes about her experiences and shares her accomplishments so that her audience sees why she is a good candidate to be in the supreme court. Sotomayor’s purpose is to persuade and seek the support of the judges and America for her election into the…

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  • Ronald Reagan Inaugural Speech Analysis

    Background and Summary Ronald Reagan did not begin his spotlight of fame as a politician, but rather a Hollywood actor. He started his political career off as a conservative California governor, but he aspired to achieve greater heights as he ran multiple times for the Republican nomination of president. He won such nomination in 1980, and ultimately the presidency. The speech is his inaugural address to the country before claiming the position. Additionally, he was the face of the conservative…

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  • The Theme Of Disillusionment In Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms

    As it happened in Hemingway’s earlier works such as In Our Time and The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms has also revealed the author’s resentment of war and politicians and before Frederic’s full disillusionment of this occurs, this resentment and political disillusionment has been revealed by many of the author’s characters; Pissani once points out that ‘There is nothing as bad as war. We in the auto-ambulance cannot even realize at all how bad it is” (47). Soon thereafter Pissani adds…

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  • Comparison Of I Have A Dream Speech

    In my opinion, the speech ‘I Have A Dream’ by Martin Luther King Jr. was a better speech in many ways than ‘Glory And Hope’ by Nelson Mandela. The similarities between both the speeches were many too. Both the speeches have many metaphors in them like ‘A promissory note, a bad check’ in MLK’s speech and ‘As intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld.’ in Mandela’s speech. The metaphors that are…

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  • Nelson Mandel Second Speech Analysis

    Nelson Mandela was in prison for over 27 years, because he had some political opinions. The South Africa government or the Apartheid did not want the black majority in South Africa to have any power of justice. If the Apartheid gave the black majority power, then the British people could lose their advantages, more likely the white people could lose their advantages. Everybody would hate to be in prison for 27 years, they would take revenge. Mandela, but did not take revenge, he was using his…

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  • PERKASA Case Study

    According to the secretary of PERKASA, Syed Hassan Syed Ali, PERKASA build up is for all the KAUM PRIBUMI uphold their right without any distinguish of the political idea .Besides, PERKASA will support anyone including the opposition party as long as they doing right and relevant issues especially those issues that related to the Malays. In addition , PERKASA also active on eliminated the prejudice especially non-Malay toward PERKASA , they active having programme with the Pertubuhan…

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  • Aurangzeb Characteristics

    EMPEROR AURANGZEB Aurangzeb, real name was Muḥī al-Din Muhammad was the 6TH Mughal emperor of the sub continent. He was 5th in line as an emperor. He was personable and brave. Aurangzeb moreover was a seasoned general, a good leader of his men and a moral man. He was emperor for 49 years. (1658 till 1707). He had 5 sons, Muhammad Sultan, Bahadur shah, Muhammad kam bakhsh, Muhammad Azam Shah, Muhammad Akbar. He fought his first battle as chief commander. CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY…

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