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  • How Does The Great Gatsby Reflect The American Dream

    Summary of Video: This video reflected the American Dream. The ideas of an American Dream were self invention, possibilities, freedom, and opportunities to be a self made person. It also valued hard work. Benjamin Franklin’s, Theodore Dreiser’s, and Scott Fitzgerald’s autobiographies and writings exhibited the American Dream. These influenced the American Dream essentially with money and social status. Benjamin Franklin told a very optimistic narrative about his life. Benjamin boarded a boat…

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  • Fahrenheit 451

    Fahrenheit 451, written in 1953, has many distinctive parallels which correlate with today’s society. According to Statistic Brain, 33% of U.S. high school graduates will never read a book after high school. This statistic is not only shocking but alarming. There are many factors which contribute to this. People are becoming more dependent on modern technology and communication and social skills are changing. Although books are freely available and widely read, they are becoming less popular as…

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  • Gatsby And Modernism

    society of wealth. Jay Gatsby, the main character, was ashamed of his poor past and hid it through his new self-made wealth, as were many Americans during the twenties. His goal in life was to transform money into love with his long awaited lover, Daisy Buchanan. She was a woman of sophistication who like many others, were corrupted with money. Throughout the book Fitzgerald interlocked two worlds: modern history and a world of anarchy. He introduced a society of careless wealth and one of…

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  • Lyndon B. Johnson's Speech Analysis

    On March 15th, 2015, in the USA Today news article, "50 years ago, LBJ and 'We Shall Overcome ' " by David Jackson, examined the impact that Lyndon B. Johnson 's speech had on the American public and government in the previous era and in the modern era with a brief history during. Furthermore, the speech, "We Shall Overcome" by Lyndon B. Johnson was a great speech because of his usage of allusion, understatement, and parallelism. By using these rhetorical elements and the two of the three types…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Superpacs

    Rough Draft- Super-PACs: How the Riches’ Votes Matter More than Everyone Else’s America prides itself in having equality of opinion, however some opinions are valued more than others. This irony is due to the presence of super-PACs in recent American elections. These super-PACs are organizations that allow the wealthy to have a louder voice over the many by flooding the airwaves with propaganda and by donating to politicians to buy favors from them. The presence of Super-PACs in the 2016…

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