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  • Memorable Things In The Great Gatsby

    quotes from the book because it not only shows how Gatsby felt about Daisy but it also summarizes his entire life. In addition, this quotes shows how he was able to forget all his ambitions just for that one girl, Daisy. Him being in love did not just turn out to be better for him, but also for his future. Daisy was the one who preferred men that were rich so to become the Daisy’s dream man, he had to work hard. Him being in love might have been one of the reasons Gatsby was able to have so much money, and was able to afford to throw stately parties each weekend just for his long lost love, Daisy. Another quote…

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  • Freedom To Move Up In Social Class In The Great Gatsby

    American society, democracy and capitalism are encouraged because people from different social class interact with each other daily. Some individuals fantasize to move up in social class to have a romantic relationship with someone who is in a higher social status that they are in. However, despite America claims to be democratic and capitalist, in reality, it is difficult to have the freedom to change one’s social class up. In The Great Gatsby, protagonist Gatsby aims to move up in social class…

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  • The Importance Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

    One of the main themes of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is the American Dream, a dream defined as the set ideals of democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality for everyone. Though each character in his or her own right is in search of promises of the American dream, each character represents different ideas of appreciation, freedom, and sacrifice of the Dream. First and foremost, the way in which the characters gain the American Dream determines their appreciation of…

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  • Analysis Of Emerson's Self Reliance And Daisy Miller

    Though neither of them condemn travel in Self Reliance and Daisy Miller, both believe travellers should be educated. Their version of education is not one’s grasping of basic of maths, languages, or sciences, but instead a fuller understanding of personal freedom, culture, and society. Emerson and James exemplified in Self Reliance and Daisy Miller that one needs to find balance between their own individuality and cultivation to not impede on other cultures. With an education system focused on…

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  • The Pursuit Of Happiness In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Democracy, freedom and equal opportunity have long been the ideologies associated with the American mindset, and as a result, the United States came to be recognized as one of the few countries in the world where anyone who worked hard enough could become successful and therefore fulfill the American Dream. However, through The Great Gatsby, author F. Scott Fitzgerald confronts this sanguine mentality. That which defines success in the 1920s, the time during which Fitzgerald’s novel is set, is…

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  • Examples Of Idealism In The Great Gatsby

    the most powerful countries in the world. So some people will ask where the American dream should to go. In fact, the American dream always exist, just in the vicissitudes of history and its connotation and significance continue to develop and change, but the essence of American dream has already gone bad. The prototype of the American dream appeared more than 300 years ago, at that time the American dream was a dream for survival and refuge. From Columbus discovered the American continent to…

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  • Similarities Between Citizen Kane And The Great Gatsby

    happiness, equality, freedom, democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity. In America, people live under an idealism that money and happiness will always translate to happiness. The American Dream tells the world that these things are simply the only things that are needed in order to live in a life without emptiness, however, the characters from the stories strongly explain that this nature is false. America became a nation with the immigration of the people from many places in the world,…

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  • Social Issues In The Great Gatsby

    He was born in poor family, so he worked hard to acquire great wealth and girl he loved. He also embodied the negative aspects of the dream, the isolation and the materialism. To gain Daisy back was one of the reasons that he worked so hard. He believed that he can buy love with money. However, when he met Daisy again, most things about her disappointed him. Her fabulous voice was the only thing that attracted him. Gatsby even said to Nick, “Her voice is full of money”. In the end, Gatsby is…

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  • Essay On Women Empowerment In The Great Gatsby

    Their minds were so brainwashed that they thought nothing was wrong with how the society was treating them, just how much they are worth is what they saw. Daisy was one of those people, in The Great Gatsby she said "I 'm glad it 's a girl. And I hope she 'll be a fool - that 's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool" (Fitzgerald, ch. 2). Which proves Daisy thinks things through and just wants the best for her daughter she still did not see how the world changes and…

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  • Immigrants Poem Pat Mora Analysis

    personal freedom. The difference is immigrants today do not immediately try to assimilate into American culture. In fact, the United States is beginning to make accommodations for these newcomers. There are companies that employ Polish and Spanish speaking individuals to sell products to people who do not speak English. In the past, immigrants needed to learn English as quickly as possible to join the workforce. Their jobs eventually allowed their children, or their grandchildren, who were…

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