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  • Parana Pine: An Analysis Of Young's Modulus Value

    example: For the component stiffness of Timber, the Timber generally has more stiffness when it is placed on the ‘edge on’, since the deflection is smaller, usually of: 3mm at 1KN of load, this may be because this side of the timber is thicker which can also contribute to the stiffness of the material. Whereas if the timber were placed on a ‘flat face’ then the deflection would be: 58mm at 1KN load. This is due to the geometry of how the Timber is positioned, because when a Timber beam is placed…

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  • J. J Thomson: The Discovery Of Atoms

    J.J Thomson was born in Cheetham Hill, a suburban area in Manchester, England on December 18, 1856. Thomson was a Nobel Prize winning physicist with his research that helped discover the electrons of an atom. J.J Thomson full name was Joseph John Thomson, He was an English physicist and mathematician. Joseph Thomson was considered to be a prodigy at his time, becoming the first to be 14 and attending college. Joseph Thomson’s father was a book seller who intended Thomson to become an engineer.…

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  • The Stylus System Of UMAP Mitutoyo Stylus (1999)

    The stylus system that is categorised in this group is the stylus system of micro CMM, which has a similar design with the conventional CMM probing system. As described in ISO 10360-1, the stylus system has a spherical stylus tip, a rod stylus shaft and a sensing element. These styluses also operate in contact mode. (1.1 until 1.5 have been discussed in progress report 2) 1.1 UMAP Mitutoyo Stylus (1993-1999) Figure 2.1: construction of UMAP stylus system Mitutoyo UMAP stylus system was…

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  • Ultrasonic Interferometer Essay

    Ultrasonic interferometer Working principle An ultrasonic interferometer is a simple and direct device to determine the ultrasonic velocity in liquids with a high degree of accuracy. An ultrasonic interferometer is used to determine the accurate ultrasonic velocity in liquids. The principle used in the measurement of velocity is based on the accurate determination of the wavelength in the medium. The principle of ultrasonic interferometer for the measurement of velocity is determination of the…

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  • Essay On Communication And Rhetoric

    Communication and rhetoric do not invoke the same meaning, but rather one is a subset category to the other. The vast term of communication takes on rhetoric as a specialized form of the action. This paper will explain the definitions provided and give examples to how each term is to be used accordingly. Communication is an expression in which all people take part, in the hopes to achieve sharing and understanding. Rhetoric is a specialized form of communication that requires a person to develop…

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  • Post Truss Bridge

    to prevent any unbalanced load on either side of the top chord. The tension forces on the bridge are found along the bottom chord (roadbed), where the force from the rod’s weight is distributed outwards towards the contact points, along with a deflection force pushing the middle of the bridge down. The vertical posts are also under tension, as the bottom chord is pulling down, while the top chord is pulling up because of the compression forces discussed…

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  • P Wave Forms

    Wave Forms The P wave represents atrial depolarization. When the sinus node is in control, there should be a P wave for each and every QRS complex. Typically, sinus P waves do not plot through an ectopic from atrial tissue, since the premature atrial depolarization will reset the sinus cadence called a premature atrial complex (Blesi/Jones/Lewis pg136). The P waves is when the valves between the atria and ventricles open 70% of the blood in the atria and the atrial contraction is only…

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  • The Effect Of Hydrogen On The Strength Of Bone

    show that the strength of the bone was compromised in acidic situations, but rather unaffected in situations where the concentration of hydrogen was basic. Even more noticeable than the change in pure tensile strength is the change in the maximum deflection before fracture. Throughout the experiment, specific degradations in the bone, were significant phenomenon which typified the corrosiveness of the certain pH the bone was in. Seeping of the bone marrow was seen in the more acidic hydrogen…

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  • Long Day's Journey Into Night Essay

    Changes affect people every day, and people react to changes in many ways. In Long Day’s Journey into Night, the characters experience many trials and obstacles in their lives that induced a change. In physics, there is the principle known as the Coriolis Effect or Force, which is the effect a rotating object has on the motion of another object. The trials experienced in the lives of the characters are the Coriolis Force in their lives that induced the change in their behavior or lifestyle. The…

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  • What Is Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS?

    Due to this, they can be a key component in building many types of sensors as they are highly sensitive to external dampening forces. High Q value allows deflection and resonant sensors to be sensitive to the applied force and cut down arbitrary mechanical fluctuation in the system. Also their low consumption power and the ability to respond to only a narrow range of frequencies (high Q factor) make them desirable…

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