Decision theory

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  • Space Syntax Theory

    Johnson (1982) argues that scalar stress is a response humans’ inability to efficiently make decisions in larger groups. This is in relation to humans lacking the ability to process information effectively when there is too much conflicting information. In short, the more people there are debating over a decision the less likely there is for a final decision to be made and acted out. The solution to this problem is in the emergence of leadership. This leadership can come in…

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  • David Dunnigan Organizational Culture Case Study

    Motivation is the number one factor in determining job performance, as there are many aspects that can affect an individual’s motivation. One such aspect is known as the equity theory, and this is the theory that people are motivated when they perceive that they are being treated fairly (Williams et al., 2008, 447). Equity theory consists of the inputs- contributions made by employees to the organization, outputs- rewards received for their contributions, and referents-individuals they compare…

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  • Marc Siegel's Economic Consequences

    The Siegel article mentions another article that we read by Stephen Zeff, an article that is widely considered to be a fundamental article for accounting theory. The Zeff article presents another definition of economic consequences. The article states that economic consequences refers to “the impact of accounting reports on the decision-making behavior of business, government, unions, investors and creditors” (Zeff, 1978, pp. 56). Essentially, the definition of economic consequences comes down…

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  • Moral Judgments: A Case Study

    At any given moment, we potentially face a vast amount of choices that require decisions based on what course of action we would consider to be right or wrong in the circumstances and often, these choices may differ significantly from person to person. What drives the decision-making process on moral judgements, that is judgements made on actions or characters that draw on values integral to our identity (Haidt, 2001), is the focus of this essay. The relationship between individual yet stable…

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  • Case Study: End Of Life Care Dilemma

    End of life care dilemma: a case study Nurses encounter various decision-making in daily practice, these decisions are intricately linked to patients’ and family members’ values or beliefs that coupled with emotional burdens in end-of-life care (Quinn et al. 2012; Gallagher et al. 2015). Legal and ethical issues often arise when the patient is incompetent as well as when the surrogate decision maker is unclear (Torke, Alexander & Lantos 2008). In this case, Lewis, who was admitted to the…

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  • Summary: The New Meaning Of Educational Change

    channels, 3) time, and 4) a social system. Diffusions can manifest differently because of the complexity of the organization’s makeup of individuals, as well as the norms within the group, the organizational procedures and rules, and leadership decisions. Social systems can also be influenced internally with interpersonal relationships, or externally, such as opinions of the mass media. Communication channels are an important factor throughout the diffusion. Within the social system, human…

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  • Operations Research Ethics

    Research (OR). Operations Research is the application of scientific principles to business management, which provides a quantitative basis for complex decision-making. I’ll introduce why I chose this particular field and how a conversation on ethics is warranted through explanation of the extent of OR methodologies and the impact of the decisions made by these researchers. Think of OR as a highly technical consulting niche, which deals with discovering optimal solutions using specific tools.…

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  • Psychological Biases Affecting Investment Decisions

    I never thought of one’s personal psychology would have such a deep impact on making investment decisions. I believed that people with a high level of knowledge and sufficient experience would always make rational decisions and predict future tendency appropriately. Almost everything changed after taking the Behavioural Finance lecture. For example, traditional finance assumptions tell us that people are risk averse. People’s behaviors should be consistent with their level of risk tolerance.…

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  • Business Perspective Reflection

    1. Business perception This paper attempts to give a critical reflection on my learning experience within GB500 subject Business Perspectives and also shows the interdependence of the business theories with the studying towards a future status of effective professional manager in successful entrepreneurship. It is based on multidimensional concept (Bula, 2012a). Before undertaking the subject I had an experience with business environment through my previous studies and work experience but as my…

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  • Impact Of Modernization Theory On Consumer Behaviour

    Essentially, the theory posits that as society becomes differentiated through modernisation, the family changes from an assumed extended form to a more nuclear form through changes in household size. One interpretation of modernisation theory of the family is that within countries, nuclear family forms predominate in urban areas, while extended family forms are more prevalent in…

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