Decision theory

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  • Compensation Planning

    Features of Compensation Planning and Decision Support Organizations design compensation plans that are competitive, fair, and motivate employees. There are several analytic features that are needed for compensation planning and decision support in e-compensation systems. Three analytic features used for compensation planning are job analysis, job evaluation, and bench marking. First, job analysis is the process of getting detailed information about jobs. This process is key for…

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  • How Did Dave Decided To Start His Own Appraisal Company

    After much thought process and even making a decision table with twenty factors that he could think of out of the top of his head that have a real impact in his decision Dave made the risker choice of starting his own job instead of playing it safe and joining an established corporation. I think that Dave was extremely wise in not just jumping to a decision because this decision was a decision that was deserving of much thought because both choices had their appeals…

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  • Theories Of Ethical Decision Making

    have tied into it the ethical theories. There are many different ways to describe ethical theories but I have found one that seems to tie it all together. The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Philosophers today usually divide ethical theories into three general subject areas: metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. In other words there are a bunch of different theories that relate to ethics…

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  • Moral Theory In Political Decision Making

    The political arena for decision making amongst various groups, societies, nations and so on, have always been a complex and tedious process to ultimately come to a fair conclusion. One key factor within this process of finding possible solutions is taking into consideration a moral high ground so to speak, or in another words a moral principle perspective within the political decision making process. Providing a human moral based analysis of any issue at hand on a political bases simply…

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  • Gordon And Lintner's Dividend Decision Theory

    INTRODUCTION A dividend decision policy of a firm is a crucial area of financial management. The importance of a dividend policy is to determine the amount of earnings or profit made by the company to be distributed to shareholders and the amount to be retained in the firm. The amount retained is called retained earnings this are the most significant internal sources of financing the growth of the firm. On the shareholder side dividends are considered desirable because they may increase the…

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  • Consequentialism Theory Of Ethical Decision Making

    Decision Making Certainly, in one point of our life we have questioned ourselves on how to accomplish the most accurate decision in a moral dilemma. There are several philosophical ideologies that suggest that decision making for the given scenario (the two cancer patients) should be based on their own method of analysis as to what is morally correct. Today, we are going to focus in the Deontology theory and the two Consequentialism theories; called Act-Utilitarianism and Rule-Utilitarianism,…

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  • Ethical Theories Of Life's Decision-Making Process

    1. Each moral theory holds a specific approach in how to handle life’s decisions. In the social work profession there are many ethical theories that drives our decision making process. Explained below are the top five most discussed ethical theories. Ethics of care, is a normative ethical theory. This theory about what makes action morally right or wrong. It is one of a cluster of normative ethical theories that were developed by feminists in the second half of the twentieth century. The ethics…

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  • Paramedics: The Importance Of Clinical Decision Making Models

    Introduction Most simply, clinical decision making may be defined as the process of choosing between alternatives or options (Thompson & Stapley, 2011) more accurately, clinical decision making is a highly complex process where data is gathered and evaluated, and then a decision, judgment, or intervention is formulated (Pirret, 2007), it comprises of cognitive, intuitive and experiential processes (Pugh, 2002). This essay will discuss commonly used decision making models and their stages as…

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  • Tuckman's Group Development Model

    several rages of cars that consists; low cost car, family, Eco-friendly and image. Our main duty will be facing several decision making process according to selecting appropriate strategy and managing resources in marketing, car manufacture, engineering and employees moral. It is very important to particularly taking the following into account when implementing the right decision.…

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  • The Tre Consequences Of Decision-Making

    A decision is a judgment or a choice between alternatives (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2015). Decision making is vital in any position and line of work, but most imperative for those in managerial roles, especially in the field of correctional institutions (Stojkovic, et al, 2015). Decisions made can have dire consequences, that is why decision making theories are applied (Stojkovic, et al, 2015). As we know we make decisions every day, simply put we have choices, alternatives, judgements…

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