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  • Reflection On Field Site Experience

    Field Site Experience PORT Human Services on Paladin Drive offers an opioid treatment programs (OTP; it is known as PORT Methadone Clinic. My experience at PORT OTP has been an emotional roller coaster. I had an interview with another student, my site supervisor, another counselor, and the site director. During the interview, I was told that if I could successfully complete practicum at this site, I would be prepared to work with any population and any facility in the profession. I was informed…

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  • Six Reasons Why College Is Worth It

    that earning a college degree will pay back the cost of obtaining it several times over. In a 40-year work life, men with college degrees can expect to earn $1.1 million more than high school graduates” (Hout 387). Even though the cost to attend a University is high, a college graduate will easily be able to pay off their student loans. There are also many ways to reduce to cost of attending college. While in high-school, it is possible to rack up thousands of dollars for higher education if…

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  • Student Response Cards Essay

    Effect of Response Cards on Saudi Students with EBD in English Class. Manal Y. Al sheef Minnesota State University (Mankato) Introduction I have always found the idea behind the teaching strategy of response cards (RC) to students from Saudi Arabia with EBD in my country. It was drilled into my head that if we as teachers do not include this strategy, then students will not learn effectively and the class be bored. As we know teaching today is much more than telling facts from a textbook, it…

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  • Effects Of Adjusting To College Life Essay

    expectations of the increased freedom that they will gain when coming to college. Many student’s expectations tend to fall short of what they hoped to experience new adventures and lively events with friends. The following article from Villanova University Student Life also stated, “No matter what the expectations, nearly every student encounters challenging experiences or obstacles at the beginning of college that they didn’t anticipate.” Although, some individuals who had high expectations of…

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  • Taking Classes Vs Online Classes

    Students enrolling in college or universities today, have a completely new choice than last generation as to how they can pursue their degree. The choice given to them is taking classes the traditional method, by attending classes physically, or taking classes online, or a combination of both. Education differs today than in years past, giving students a whole new option to further their studies according to their own schedule, or by attending class in a traditional manner. According to the…

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  • Career Ready Degrees: A Case Study

    all colleges students has increase as students are beginning to ask about career ready degrees. First-generation students should continue to be supported by having colleges and university remove barriers for all students. Lastly, as the…

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  • Prescription Med Research Paper

    Table 4 90% Confidence Interval - proportion of all Rocky University students, all male students, and all female students who answered YES to abusing prescription medication or marijuana. ALL Students Who Abused Prescription Med. or Marijuana ALL MALES Who Abused Prescription Med. or Marijuana ALL FEMALES Who Abused Prescription Med. or Marijuana Proportion ALL Students 0.278 27.8% Proportion MALE Students 0.133 13.3% Proportion FEMALE Students 0.144 14.4% 90% LCL - ALL Students 0.200…

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  • Personal Accomplishment Report

    I was born and raised in the same apartment complex my parents met over eighteen years ago. I am the oldest of four boys and the first in my family to go to college. Growing up my mother was very protective of me. She would not allow me outside of the apartment complex on my own like all of the other kids. My mother would tell me stories about gang members being at the local recreational center. My friends chuckled when I told them this. The rules and limitations she set were not an issue for me…

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  • Personal Reflection: My Transition To Salisbury University

    my transition to Salisbury University. Since the moment I found out I would not be going to any of my top college choices, I can remember a difference in my outlook and perception of the rest of my time until the move. As mentioned previously, I was dreading going away to college because of the proximity to home, the “high school” feel the campus, the greek life, the size of the school and many other factors. I imagined going to a large, out of state, public University in Florida, where I could…

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  • Multiculturalism And Diversity In Education Essay

    Multiculturalism and Diversity in higher institutions Vicky Butts Kaplan University Abstract This paper surveys three published peer-review articles that provides the results from research implemented at universities on multiculturalism and diversity in higher education institutions. Multiculturalism education is considered to be any type of education or teaching that incorporates a variety of cultural background into their curricula such as history, values and beliefs.…

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