Dawson Massacre

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  • Should Teachers Be Allowed To Nuclear Weapons Essay

    Teachers Should be Allowed to Conceal Weapons. How many more students have to be killed in school shootings before teachers are allowed an advantage in protecting the kids they are responsible for? Criminals that shoot up schools are cowards and have no common regard for human life. Gun control is an overwhelming debate in this day and age, people believe that guns kill people when in reality it is people that kill people. People are so afraid of guns that they take them out of the hands of…

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  • The Columbine Massacre

    THE COLUMBINE MASSACRE: A DAY TO REMEMBER In the earlier days, schools were the safest places for students. Students were safer than they were at their homes because they were constantly being monitored by the school staffs and other fellow students. Today, school shootings are becoming a huge problem in America. It has become more common for students to express their anger with the intention of hurting or killing innocent classmates. On April 20, 1999 one of the most horrific school shooting…

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  • The Importance Of Bullying In Our Schools

    Bullying has been a hot topic in the United States for decades now. Happening mainly in school 's across our country, there are approximately 3.2 million victims of bullying every year. There seems to be a misconception on how to deal with harassment from a bully inside our schools. While most adults would recommend consulting a responsible adult, teacher or maybe a guidance counselor about your bullying problems, there are some that believe fighting back physically will prove your toughness and…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of State Of Oregon Vs Kipland

    On May 20, 1998, Kipland Kinkel went on a shooting rampage at Thurstone High School. After the shooting spree Kipland was arrested and convicted of four counts of murder and twenty-six attempted counts of murder, with a total sentence time of 111 years and eight months. Four years into the 111-year sentence, the attorneys of Kipland Kinkel appealed the initial sentencing. In the “State of Oregon v. Kipland Philip Kinkel,” Judge Haselton offers information on the original trial, the grounds of…

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  • Davis Hilary Case

    Memorandum TO: John Morris FROM: Jamie Mahan RE: Davis Hilary Case – Successful Recovery DATE: November 19, 2015 Issue Our client, Bobby Jones, is being sued by Davis Hilary, due to an incident that happened on the school bus on April 2, 2011. Our client is being accused of holding down Davis Hilary and threatening him holding a knife in his hand. This memorandum addresses the issue of whether or not Bobby Jones is guilty of threatening Davis Hilary with a knife for no reason? Brief Answer:…

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  • Columbine School Massacre

    Columbine School Shooting April 20, 1999, this date for many parents, teachers, and students brings back memories of the horrific school massacre that occurred at the Columbine high school in Littleton Colorado. This event unfortunately claimed far too many lives, leaving many families, parents, students, and even officers with unanswered questions and filled with hatred and a lack of understanding. It was just like any other day,another Tuesday in fact filled at first with the usual…

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  • Georg Elser's Assassination Analysis

    The chain of assassination attempts on Hitler started long before he took dictatorship. The series of attempts was started 20 years before World War II. The first assassination attempt on Hitler was on November 1921 when Hitler was speaking at the beer hall rally when a brawl occurred and there was gunshots by unknown assassin toward Hitler. I believe that Hitler was the most hated man back then. Some of the attempts were planned and acted by German people. There was also some assassinations…

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  • Socialization: A Case Study Of Religion And The Social Control Theory

    France in 2012, all the population and the police of France were on high security alert because of four places with shooting at four different Jewish schools in Toulouse. The events that are present in this crime is that many groups of the Muslim religion started to attack Jewish schools, they started to shoot them in the head to everyone who they wanted, they didn’t only kill adults or old people, they also killed children and teenagers, just because of the hate between them. In this case the…

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  • Creative Writing: The Zombie Apocalypse

    The Zombie Apocalypse By Michael Cordes November 4, 2018. It all started on September 24, 2018….everyone was screaming and running every direction. All that was left was a group of 11 teens with only knives as weapons. Each one of them carried a bag with food, water, sleeping bags, sharp weapons, and a flashlight with a couple of batteries. I was scared and so was everyone else in my group. I couldn’t believe it...the zombie apocalypse had finally come. “Okay guys, wake up; it’s morning!” I…

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  • The Influence Of Media Violence

    Violence in a media driven world Thinking back to when I was younger I can remember all of my friends parents setting up parental control options on their televisions, restricting what shows, movies, and video games their children had access to. Parents were and still are concerned about how violence in media could affect their children. We briefly discussed this topic in class when we learned about Banduras BoBo doll. I picked this topic because when I was a kid my parents didn’t have many…

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