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  • Rogue One Analysis

    It’s been almost a year exactly since The Force Awakens rekindled my dormant love for the Star Wars franchise. In that time, my fanboyness for this universe has reclaimed a spot with superheroes and The Lord of the Rings as some of my favorite things on the world. Despite that love, I was among the people who were skeptical of Rogue One, the first film set outside the saga proper. Simply put, I thought it would be pretty good. I was wrong. It is amazing. Set in the time leading up to the events…

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  • Personal Narrative: Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat

    Fear is not real. Fear is an illusion, a compilation of thoughts we form that can be disguised as many things; doubt, procrastination, comparison or really just a straightforward fear like heights or darkness. These fears become barriers in our lives, holding us back from doing the things in life we want to do. We don’t realize the potential that lies just on the other side of these thoughts. Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat One of the highlights from my yoga retreat last week was the Temazcol…

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  • Final Film Critique: Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope

    would have on pop culture, genre filmmaking, and the lives of the millions of fans who would come to embrace Star Wars. Audiences grew to love characters that are now household names. Who hasn’t heard of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, or Darth Vader? The films have had such an impact on our pop culture that it’s impossible to not know at least a little about Star Wars, even if you’ve never seen it. These movies have become so engrained in our everyday culture as Americans that you'll be…

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  • Macbeth's Flaws

    Through history and literature, many memorable protagonists have passed through time. From the classical tales of Oedipus and Hamlet to the storylines of modern day motion pictures Star Wars Darth Vader are all memorable characters. They all are tragic heroes as they start with notable goodness, but the flaws are revealed and the protagonist is confronted with a tragic end due to their own actions. William Shakespeare is notably famous for writing many plays that contain tragic endings for the…

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Analysis

    way, where she faces the many challenges of a Hero’s Quest. She is shown in her Ordinary World on the planet Jakku, Meets the Mentor, the legendary smuggler Han Solo, and finally faces her Ordeal against Kylo Ren, the grandson of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Rey’s “mundane, Ordinary World” (Vogler, The Stages of the Hero’s Journey) took place on the frontier dessert world…

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  • Essay On Valerian

    Valerian: Luc Besson’s hero drives a Lexus A younger generation raised after Star Wars might think, when looking at Valerian, the film, that it borrowed many ideas from George Lucas blockbuster, but the reality is different: Valerian inspired Star Wars. Valerian, the film, picks the comic series from 1967 and mixes it with a promise of the future: the Skyjet vehicle designed by Lexus for a world set 700 years in the future. The first trailer from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,…

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  • The Third Man Analysis

    of self-actualization when they are being evil and would feel lost if they could not be evil. To quote Alfred from the film The Dark Knight, “Some men just want to watch the world burn”, this can be said for beings of true evil like the Joker or Darth Vader. While a being of pure evil cannot be found in The Third Man such and entity can be found in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven. In The Raven the entity of pure evil is mysterious in that it is not clear if it is the Raven or the narrator’s own…

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  • Famous Animated Movies: The King Of Disney

    The King of Disney Disney is renowned for their spectacular animated movies. Most, if not all, of their movies are considered as classics and are timeless. For the past 80 years, there has been an ongoing debate about which Disney movie is greatest. It seems as if every individual has their own opinion and belief about which movie is the best and why. Overall, it seems to come down to two movies, Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King. “NAAA ZABENYA BABA SITHI UHM!” This short phrase can…

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  • Music: The Most Powerful Scenes In Movies

    The eyes of the people are far from welling up with tears. Why is this so? Music is a huge part of expressing the emotions of the movie to the viewer, and without it, many of the most powerful scenes in movies are much less effective. Imagine Darth Vader entering the scene, with zero music. Not as intimidating, right? People tend to take this music for granted, thinking nothing of the many hours upon hours put into producing it. They know the names of every actor in the movie, but not a single…

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  • Phantom Menace And A New Hope: A Comparative Analysis

    stage, and while The Phantom Menace may attempt to be more politically savvy, more “wowing” in action, and more stoic, the opening of A New Hope still trumps it by introducing strong characters, (Clever Princess Leia, bumbling C3PO, and imposing Darth Vader) a clear conflict, and has the superior action in the form of a gunfight. Both films also make use of a wise old sage type character who later dies, with The Phantom Menace killing Qui-Gon Jin and A New Hope depicting the demise of Obi-Wan…

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