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  • Personal Narrative: Going To The Whitney Museum

    Whitney Museum? Was the first thought in my head when I first heard about the extra credit opportunity announced in class. When I was a child, I thought it was a Museum pertaining to Whitney Houston, but that was not the case. I heard people talk about it, but I could never pinpoint where it was. It was not until last week that I would have the opportunity to enter the Museum for $1. Going to the Whitney Museum last week, has sparked an interest in going to Museums and I am glad that I went. After spending half and hour being lost, I finally arrived at around 7 o’clock p.m. on a Friday. The sky was painted a dark navy blue and I could not make out much figures. I was shocked by how long the line was. It was the size of a New York City subway train. I was beginning to dread, but within a span of around 10 to 15 minutes, I was already inside the establishment. Dreamlands is the reassured my decision of pursuing a degree in Media. The placement of every exhibit reminded me of the MOMA. Every exhibit piece had their own space and had enough walking space to admire it. The exhibit was on the fifth floor and the moment I walked in I was immediately hit with a huge screen demonstrating dancers in elaborate and gaudy costumes dancing in repeated steps.. I enjoyed this piece because it combined film with the capturing of movement through unique ballet poses. The details of the costume tricks your eyes into beginning to think that you are watching objects move. The costumes are so…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Little Things By Raymond Carver

    make it better. Admittedly, I should have asked for help sooner and much more than I did, instead of just struggling on my own and not getting very far. In the end, I managed to finish it, though I don’t think I did the best job that I could have done because at that point I was so stressed out about it that I just wanted it done. If I ever have to do that kind of paper again I will certainly pick a topic that is easier to focus and I will probably work with someone in the writing center to…

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  • Effects Of Reality Tv On American Culture

    in many ways, they pervade popular culture. Nowadays, reality shows are everywhere in magazines, newspapers, discussion with others and even on the billboards. These shows give hope to poor people to show talent in front of the world. So, everyone has a chance to show their talent on the reality shows, even the rich and poor people. In the show One Tree Hill, there are three characters that show examples of three different perfect children and their parents’ expectation. The first character is…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Legacy Of Jimmy Hall

    Three years ago Kent State redshirt sophomore Jimmy Hall was sitting inside of a jail cell in New York. Three years ago Hall’s basketball, and possibly his future, was over. Hall had been arrested and charged with burglary. That was the moment in Hall life when for the first time in his life when he realized that there were serious consequences for his mistakes. “We were just kids who weren’t doing the right thing,” Hall said of the situation. “We got caught up in something we weren’t…

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  • Dan Buettner's Blue Zone Analysis

    Animals have to go through evolution to survive just as humans have to adapt living habits to live longer. The National Geographic writer Dan Buettner did a Ted Talk on “how to live to be 100+”in this video Mr. Buettner introduces Blue Zones which are parts of the world where older people are living longer. In Burttner’s research the Blue Zone communities have eight common characteristics that help people to live to be 100 or longer. These eight characteristic are a plant- base diet, moving…

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  • The Importance Of Blue Zones

    In the video, “How to Live 100+,” Dan Buettner claims to have found a formula for longevity. He teamed up with National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging to find areas where people were living longer than the national average. These places are called Blue Zones and are located all around the world. People are living such long lives in these Blue Zones because they have made simple lifestyle changes. In America, the odds of someone living to be 100 years old are very slim because…

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  • Interpreting The Theme Of Revenge In Hamlet's Tragedy

    state of mind you may have a bigger problem on your hands Losing control caused Claudius to get revenge and kill his brother to take over the throne. Claudius let his anger get to him and he got revenge on his brother and the royal family. Now Hamlet is seeking revenge for Claudius, for his family for his father he will make Claudius pay for what he has done. The revenge for Claudius backfires though and kills everyone in the family, so no one in the family can carry on to the throne. Letting…

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  • The CBS News Network

    Developed almost 90 years ago, CBS News is one of Americas longest, and would seem trusting, news networks. It broadcasts the CBS evening News amongst other well-known news programs such as 60-Minutes and Face the Nation. The end of World War II marked the start of the television, and in 1948 CBS network launched its very first night television newscast, The CBS TV News. Eventually CBS news became a key player in journalism with award winning broadcasters such as Edward Murrow and Walter…

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  • Hold Your Head Up Theme

    Have you ever wondered how the Italian mafia was able to survive even in the worst of times? Before I say anything else I just want to say that the purpose of this opening was to get you interested. Having said that I actually do not know the answer to that question however I do know about the theme of that question. Being able to push through when the going gets tough. There are 3 songs that I have chosen that convey the same theme. The writers of these songs are Macklemore a white rapper and…

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  • Why I Want To Read Essay

    I honestly don’t remember why I did. I believe it was at the suggestion of my dad. I didn’t understand until that book, what it felt like to say, “it was so good I couldn’t put it down!” I literally, would read all night long, forgoing sleep to get to the next chapter. Dan Brown’s style of writing really resonated with me. Plus, I loved the history, and symbology in the book. The story featuring Robert Langdon as a modern-day “Indiana Jones” captivated me. I found myself rooting for him…

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