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  • My Motivation To Become A Doctor

    I have been one of the directors of a charity called SouthWest Kids for a while, but during the last couple years, the charity’s services had become almost non-existent. However, after SouthWest Kids received some donations, I became motivated to restart the charity’s efforts in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. SouthWest Kids and I teamed up with ACH Child and Family Services, which has a youth emergency shelter in Fort Worth, and now SouthWest Kids provides dinner to the youth in the shelter. While catering dinner was a success, I wanted to involve more of the community in helping these children, and therefore contacted TCU SPARK to join SouthWest Kids in providing dinner and activities for the youth shelter. After interacting with the youth at the emergency shelter, I learned how important it is to have strong institutions and organizations, like ACH Child and Family Services and TCU, that can support those in need. Larger institutions like ACH and TCU also help smaller organizations like SouthWest Kids. When a community has individuals, like me, or groups of individuals, like SouthWest Kids…

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  • American Airlines Swot Analysis

    American Airlines is the world’s largest airline company, if measured by the fleet size, revenue, destinations served, and passengers flown. American Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Together with its regional partners, American Airlines operates an extensive international and domestic network with nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. The history of American Airlines dates back in 1926 when…

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  • Morton Salt Works Case Study

    distant markets sold salt for an average of $0.15 per pound. There was a heightened demand for salt as the Great Depression set in. The larger demand was due to the preservation properties that salt has. It is used to make many things last longer than they typically would. With the shortage of money coming in for most farmers, they were left to resort to preserving as much of their food as possible so that they were not wasting what they did have. This was one of the many benefits of having the…

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  • Beyond The Liberal Catholic Divide Analysis

    community. For my first observation I decided it would be best for me to see how the Mass Ceremonies ran. I also included that intentions were to interview members after the Mass ceremonies, so that I could formulate stronger questions based off of the service. Soon enough I would be able to start my research and find out what really brings the Catholic Church together. It took several circles around the block in order to find the church. From the exterior Saint Thomas Aquinas University…

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  • Case Study: Incident Resource Inventory System

    closely as possible during all disaster events or incident.” Although the Standard Operating Procedure may be sufficient for normal operations it has great potential to be overwhelmed and possibly break down during an emergency situation. An effective disaster plan must address specific obstacles that may be encountered by vulnerable and minority communities. Addressing obvious barriers, such as lack of shelter and transportation is insufficient for addressing this population. The important…

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