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  • Thabo Mbeki Case Study

    The international political thinking of Thabo Mbeki 1. Biographical particulars Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki was born on the 18th of June 1942 in Idutywa, Transkei, to Govan and Epainette Mbeki, whom were educators and activists. Thabo spent lengthy periods away from home, and was often raised by extended family and friends because Govan, as a prominent figure of the African National Congress, was concerned that they might be arrested by Apartheid police. Thabo also became politically active when he…

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  • El Hadji In The Film Xala

    Xala (Senegal, Ousamane Sembene, 1975) is a film that follows the decline and the downfall of one of the African businessmen, who is into the selling of rice in the black market to fund the addition of a third new wife to his family. But in a larger sense, Sembene also is commenting on the African failures capitalism and also the tradition of corruption which is inherited from the colonial times. In Xala (Senegal, Ousamane Sembene, 1975) Sembene shows how each situation defines El Hadji, which…

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  • Art Is Global

    biennial featuring African artists from all over Africa. It’s curator Yacouba Konate is an Ivorian art critic, a writer, and a professor at the universite de cocody in Abidjan. Konate draws some interesting issues in his book” The invention of the Dakar Biennial” Konate asks "In what sense can one speak of 'art ' when one speaks of African art?" The answer to this question, which sounds deliberately provocative, is not simple. One can choose between two types of answer. The first is to state…

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  • Drinking Water In Third World Countries

    When attempting to come across a potential topic about something that can actually make a huge impact on the lives of people, I aimed at looking for two things. The first was something that can actually affect the lives of people living in third world countries. The world currently goes through enough products to use up about 3-5 Earths, even with all these third world countries being so out of loop of the technological advances that happened in the past two to three centuries. I wanted to be…

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  • Modern Slavery: Human Trafficking

    Modern Slavery: Human Trafficking Approximately twenty to thirty billion dollars is earned in profit every year from this slave producing industry, and somehow, our entire nation, our entire world, has seemed to turn their heads away from it. (U.S. Department of Homeland Security) The United States constitution passed a law that abolished slavery in 1865, but it’s quite odd considering that there is more slavery in the world now than there was in the 1800’s. Human trafficking is defined by the…

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  • African American Hip Hop Culture

    and Faada Freddy, has been vital in transforming Senegal, a third world country, into one of the most important and largest sites of hip hop music in Africa. They also served as pioneers in adopting this culture among West Africans, especially in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. This “hardcore” Senegalese duo was formed in 1992, originally with a third member, Lord Alaji Man, up until 2007 when the group officially changed its name to Daara J Family. This group, whose names means “school of life”…

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  • Example Of A Narrative Essay About My Identity

    As a self-proclaimed outsider, I have always been deeply fascinated with others who were raised in a culture other than the nation of their birth. I believe my status as a Nigerian born immigrant who has spent majority of life in the U.S. makes me a third culture kid (individuals raised in cultures other than his or her parents or the nation of birth), and I have struggled with coming to terms with this status for some time. While struggling with my own identity, I often wonder how others who…

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  • Imperialism In Britain

    indirect policy like the case of Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. The French strictly applied the policy of assimilation where they assimilated the Africans and were taken to live in the communes, for instance in Senegal there were four communes that is Dakar, Goree, St Louis and Rufisque. The policy of assimilation accepted the Africans to taken and treated like French people and given the French education while the British did not incorporate Africans in their ruling. Finally the two countries…

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  • Sub Saharan Africa

    Two major problems that have become a menace in African leadership today is poverty and youth unemployment which is due partially to the region’s rapid people growth. It has been said that between now and 2050 Sub-Saharan African countries will be overwhelmed with a swift and rapid population increase as well as a huge population of youths in the world. It is therefore very much essential that administrations in Sub-Saharan African countries factor the mass increase coming from the next…

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  • Analysis Of Mariama Ba's Scarlet Song

    Mariama Ba is a Senegalese author and feminist. She was born in Dakar, and was raised a Muslim. She perceived the inequalities between the sexes resulting from African traditions and addressed those issues in her works. Raised by her traditional grandparents, she had to struggle even to gain education, because they did not believe that girls should be educated. Ba died a year before the publication of her second novel, Scarlet Song. Scarlet Song has gained international attention because; this…

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