Culture-specific syndromes

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  • Running Amok Culture Bound Syndrome

    Abstract This paper researches the culture-bound syndrome called running amok. First, the paper seeks to break down the definition of running amok, the cause, and the areas affected. The above is done by using published articles and textbooks to research the culture-bound syndrome. Running amok goes by a few different names but is ultimately referenced back to the term used in this paper, and is described as, “a disorder found in Malaysia, the Philippines, Java, and some parts of Africa, jump around violently, yell loudly, grab knives or other weapons, and attack any people and objects they encounter” (Comer, 2010). The quote above shows a brief description of this disorder, which can show the danger it presents, and the need to find effectively identify it. To sum up the above, this paper’s intent is to delve into research over this disorder in order to properly identify key symptoms of amok, and to use amok to support either a cultural relativist view, or a Universalist view. Running Amok A Culture Bound Syndrome Throughout history, there have been cases of individuals acting out in seemingly random outbreak in extremely violent behaviors, or mass killings. The below seeks…

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  • Rhett Disease Case Study

    disabilities, what sickle cell does in children with neurodevelopment disorders, and what psychiatric disorders and down syndrome does in adolescents and young adults. This paper will only contain abstracts of my own doings for each journal I have obtained for this study. I will not be going into depth with every single disorder that is within a neurodevelopment disorder such as Mendelsohn’s Syndrome or…

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  • Williams Syndrome

    This is a test to screen a pregnancy to determine whether a baby has an increased chance of having specific chromosome disorders. The test examines the baby's DNA in the mother's blood. Williams Syndrome Williams syndrome is a rare disorder that can lead to problems with development. It is passed down in the offsprings of families. One of the 25 missing genes is the one that produces elastin, a protein that allows blood vessels and other tissues in the body to stretch. It is likely that…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Phobias

    anxiety and panic from thinking about or being exposed to the object or situation feared. Some, but not all, medications include beta blockers, antidepressants, and sedatives are used to subside or block the fear all together. Beta blockers work by blocking the adrenaline from the body, such as increased heart rate, shaking voice and/or limbs, and elevated blood pressure. Antidepressants are used to affect a neurotransmitter in your brain that is thought to influence mood, helping control the…

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  • Informative Essay On Phobias

    writings of Plutarch that included a specific example of a Roman hero named Germanicus that “exhibited phobic reactions in the presence of a cock.” Also, the site described that Pythagoreans related phobias to anecdotes of past lives. As claimed by the reportings of R. Reid Wilson, PhD and Spokesman for the American Psychological Association, quoted by Heather Hatfield on webMD, “Phobias are the most common mental disorder.” The doctor concludes by stating that “over their lifetimes, 11% of…

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  • The Importance Of Resistance Training

    INTRODUCTION It has been widely accepted that resistance training can be of great value for optimizing health and longevity. Resistance training is designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle group against an external resistance. Although resistance training is often associated with strength and power sports, this type of training is important in building up specific strengths in all sport categories. With the appropriate training methods, resistance training can enhance an…

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  • Effects Of Traumatic Events On Phobias

    Cornelia Witthauer, employee of the Department of Psychology, in the Division of Clinical Psychology and Epidemiology, University of Basel, in Basel, Switzerland wrote an article titled, Associations of specific phobia and its subtypes with physical diseases: an adult community study, found that, “From these analyses etiological mechanisms of specific phobia and physical disease can be deduced” (Witthauer 1). Specific phobias are the most common to present themselves in any community and is…

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  • Animal Phobia Essay

    Western Society to create these avoidance behaviors. Anxiety, fear, and heart rate all increased significantly in the presence of the threatening stimuli. Specific phobias (SP) are the first characteristic of an anxiety disorder to be present (Burstein et al 2012). Phobias are a fear of a particular object or situation that leads to avoidance of that object or situation. Overgeneralization effecting other similar situations can be a result of these avoidance behaviors. SPs have a lifetime…

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  • Social Phobias: A Case Study

    Foremost, phobias are an anxiety disorder that creates a perpetual, irrational fear and avoidance of a specific object or environment (Myers, 2012). When broken down, there are three distinct type of phobias that an individual can be diagnosed with. The first is specific phobia, which deals with an individual having a fear of a specific object or environment (Preda, 1994-2014). Hence, that said individual might display the symptoms of having a specific phobia towards a certain stimuli that…

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  • What Is My Strength Essay

    not have any idea to what this was referring to. The only thought I had in my mind was being in harmony with others. This was not the exact definition of what this specific strength means, yet it was fairly close. Harmony is defined as, “People who are in the Harmony theme look for consensus. They don’t enjoy conflict; rather, they seek areas of agreement” (StrengthsFinder). When I look back on my life up to this point, I can definitely see how this strength has shown through. In elementary…

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