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  • Essay On Iran Culture

    Culture is influenced by many different factors. Iran is no exception. Iran 's culture is affected by history, past conflicts, and religion. Iran, known as Persia until 1935, has a long and rich history (Iran in perspective, 2008). Early rulers of Iran were known as shahs who determined rules and policies. During the Qajar Dynasty, Shahs were seen as shadows of god and guardians of the flock. They exercised extensive authority over life, honor, and property. The Shah was the sole possessor of the right to give concessions, privileges, and even monopolies; what they granted they could also take away. The Shah would intervene in the economy occasionally: regulating production, prices, buying, selling, and stockpiling food. The shah’s word…

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  • Religion And Religion In Iran

    Religion is an important factor in the Middle East, especially in the country of Iran. In fact, the Iranian government ignores that nonreligious Iranians even exist! Religion plays a major role in Iran’s society. What religion is the most popular and followed, and is that religion forced upon the people? Do people get along if they come from diverse religious backgrounds? Iran has a somewhat high population, consisting of 77 million people. That’s a lot of people, and 99.4% of those people…

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  • Research Paper On Tehran

    Tehran, Iran: From Persia to Present Tehran wondrous, mysterious past gives the capital city a mystic fascination that makes anyone curious about it anxious to visit. From being part of the biblical Persian Empire to the unfortunate hostage siege of the United States Embassy in 1979, Tehran has a history that is as rich as any other capital on earth. The people of Tehran are friendly, polite, and are not representative of the governmental powers of Iran. Its architecture is unique for this city…

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  • Modernity In Iran Essay

    this rings true in the case of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The swift and wide-reaching social and economic changes instituted by Shah Pahlavi were at odds with Iran’s traditional, Islamic culture. Coupled with anxiety about Westernisation and inequality created by the influx of a huge quantity of petrodollars, the discrepancies between the views of the Iranian people and their ruler reached breaking point. The Shah’s goal of modernizing Iran can…

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  • Marjane Satrapi In Persepolis

    Marjane Satrapi is a young girl living out her childhood in Iran. She is lively, good spirited, and highly opinionated. The government in Iran is always trying to control how people think, act, and dress. Marji is constantly trying to make sense of the world around her, and is always listening to her parents talk about current events. She picked up on what was going on, and made decisions and inferences based on the information that was flying at her. This means that she based her likes or…

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  • Feminism In Iran

    the bible. How many more of these laws do they want to execute and what will our nation look like if their movement is effective in bringing America’s laws into agreement with the laws of God? These expectations that are demanded and urged could affect you, your mother, sister, wife, or even daughters, just like women in Iran. We too,…

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  • Shah Pahlavi's Downfall

    Imagine living in Iran in 1970. It was a time of great boom and great bust. There was much wealth to be had from oil production, and at times things were very prosperous. This prosperity was overshadowed though, by the many socio-economic failures of the Shah. His unwise use of power and his greed made Iran a country ripe for revolution. By 1979 the stage was set for Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who because of cunning historical and political maneuverings was able to use politics, religion, and…

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  • The Han Kitabulary: The Decline Of Persian Dynasty

    Nile Green notes that while Iran didn’t reach out, other states did, such as the Ottoman Empire. He states “In 1904, for example, the Ottoman government dispatched books to fill a Muslim school library in Beijing and also made arrangements to send teachers, leading in 1907 to the dispatch from Istanbul to teach, via Arabic, at the Ottoman-supported Dar al-‘Ulum-e Hamidiyeh in the Chinese capital”. Due to new communication technologies, the use of Arabic saw a rise in China, which gradually…

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  • Iranian Revolution Research Paper

    Name, date and location of Revolution: The Iranian Revolution in Iran starting in, September, 1978, and ending in February, 1979. Who Revolted?: The citizens of Iran revolted against the Shah 's police when the shah “alienate the clergy” thus taking away religion and pushing a westernized culture on a population that was 99% islamic (BBC). Many the women and youth revolted against the Shah.The Iranian women revolted, because they were against the veil. The government made them wear the veil…

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  • The Cold War: The Iranian Hostage Crisis

    Although Iran was not involved in World War II, Iran was a major member for the Western countries especially the U.S. and Britain. Iran during the Cold War had many international and national problems that affected their economy. The changes in their government leaders affected their economy the most. Nationalization means to bring under the ownership or control of a nation, as industries and land ( The Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlevi favored the Western influences. Iran’s…

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