Cultural competence

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  • Reflection On Self-Directed Search

    Self-Directed Search Form R: An Assessment and Reflection The Self-Directed Search (SDS) Form R provided a comprehensive introduction for an individual to survey what profession to pursue. As a student, I was afforded the opportunity to simulate the function as both test administrator and client of this instrument. There were three important lessons I have taken away from this exercise: first, progression through the administration process remained tedious, but was needed in order to aid in…

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  • Case Study: The Council For Advancement And Support Of Education

    The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) is the world’s largest non-profit educational association serving the Advancement function and professionals in higher education institutions. Its member base consists of 3,600 colleges and universities worldwide with 78,000 professionals in fund-raising and related functions. Advancement offices of colleges and universities face challenges with recruiting and retaining top performing fundraisers vital to helping their institutions…

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  • Competency Hypothesis: Improving Communication Skills

    essentially is to obtain as much knowledge and concepts that will improve my overall interpersonal communication skills. Some of theatrical and concepts I want to learn includes: evaluating and applying appropriate and effective interpersonal competence, apply appropriate perception checking skills, identifying variables contributing to interpersonal communication skills; improving verbal communication and other things of that nature. The improvement of conflict resolution skills is vital…

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  • Cultural Encounters: A Case Study

    A cultural encounter is the act of directly interacting with patients from culturally diverse backgrounds (Honner & Hoppi, 2004). There are two goals of cultural encounters. One goal is to generate a wide variety of responses to promote verbal and nonverbal communication accurately and appropriately in each culturally different context. The second goal is to continuously interact with patients from culturally diverse backgrounds which assists in validating, modifying existing values, beliefs,…

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  • Scope Of Practice: A Nursing Case Study

    In this written assignment, a chosen nursing colleague’s scope of practice and competence to practice nursing will be discussed and evaluated. Then the concept of competence will be additionally explained. Furthermore, the assessment and standards used to measure the competent nursing practice will be analysed whilst taking into consideration of the assessment’s reliability, feasibility and validity factors. As the healthcare environment continues to change and expand, the scope of registered…

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  • Chapter 11 Treatment And Intervention: Journal Analysis

    Intervention from the textbook that were covered for week four. In addition, when assessing my competence, it will discuss the process of problem identification, planning and the methods of planning, contracting and short and long-term goals, and written and oral contracts and identifying major barriers. Furthermore, the second part of this journal will assess my competence in understanding the cultural context in therapy, the impact of client motivation and resistance in therapy outcomes and…

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  • How The Small Culture Approach To Intercultural Differences

    of this report is to analyse the underlying differences of perception exhibited by Martin and Erik in an organisational context. Both Martin and Erik seem to have a cultural perception of their host countries and this perception impedes their ability to work with the locals. The report is based on the small cultural and large cultural approaches that are pertinent to the study of multicultural differences. This report will include a research of national cultures of the participants and apply…

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  • Self-Care: The Importance Of Self Care In Nursing

    best, we are most effective in helping clients, however to be at our best we must take care of ourselves. Lack of self-care (i.e. self-neglect) leads to distress, professional burnout, vicarious traumatisation, burnout and impaired professional competence. While research has stated that approximately 15% of individuals who work in a therapeutic area suffer from burnout at some point during their career (Boisaubin & Levine, 2001) the importance of self-care isn’t a concept that is discussed all…

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  • Cultural Competency And Cultural Humility

    What is the difference between the terms cultural competence and cultural humility? There seems to be some differences between cultural competence and cultural humility. According to Purnell (2013), “cultural competence in health care is having the knowledge, abilities, and skills to deliver care that is congruent with patients cultural beliefs and practice” (p.7). In my opinion this means as a nurse you are willing to acknowledge each patients cultural differences and accommodate their…

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  • Case Study Of Lisa Miller's Competency To Stand Trial

    state at the time the trial. Two aspects of competency must be displayed by a defendant - foundational competence, which means she must be able to assist her attorney with her own defense and decisional competency, which means she must have the ability to make educated decisions on her own behalf. (Costanzo & Krauss, 2015, p.…

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