Cultural competence

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  • What Are The Four Fields Of Anthropology

    There are currently four noteworthy fields of anthropology: biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Each spotlight on an alternate arrangement of examination interests and for the most part uses unique exploration methods. Biological anthropologists complete deliberate investigations of the non-social parts of people and close people. Non-social alludes to those organic attributes that are hereditarily acquired as opposed to learned. Near human…

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  • Bourdieu Career Capital Analysis

    & Meyer, 2003). To this regard Bourdieu (1986) describes three generic capitals: economic, social, and cultural capital. Additionally, Bourdieu includes symbolic capital as a forth sort of capital. This capital addressed the perception and recognition in a social context that enforces legitimization.…

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  • The Social Ladder Analysis

    claim in their country and demanded equality that would enable them to enjoy the benefits of living in America. This led to the assimilation and modernization of Jewish immigrants. They conformed to American traditions and destroyed their previous cultural beliefs. Despite their efforts, they were unsuccessful in transforming into the white race because they were still viewed as having “dwarf structure, peculiar mentality, and ruthless concentration on self interest” (Takaki 288). Americans…

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  • Managing Diversity In The Workplace Summary

    Barak, M. E. M. (2013). Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace. Sage Publications. The article was authored in 2013 by Barak, who is a knowledgeable and experienced professor, with an experience in social work and business. The book provides information on how to ensure there is inclusiveness in workplace. The author reveals that management has to ensure it successfully handles diversity in the workforce. The corporate leaders are faced by global challenges on how to handle…

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  • Liu's How To Be A Good Communist

    What determines an individual 's deservingness to be labeled as a Communist? Is it his or her actions, status, education, mindset, or something entirely different? According to Liu Shaoqi, Chinese Communist Party theoretician and Mao Zedong 's successor as the head of state, it is not a singular aspect of an individual 's life that will make them a true Communist, but a combination of them all. In his 1939 speech, How To Be a Good Communist, Liu outlines the main actions, practices, and…

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  • China In Our Time Summary

    then back to Mao. Later, the book would focus on Mao. In the middle of the book, Mao Zedong is focused on. There are many things that he did when he was leader of China. The Cultural Revolution was a big thing during Mao’s time. There were several Chinese citizens who told the author what they thought about the Cultural Revolution. Some…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Immigrant Parents: Should They Americanize Their Children

    "Where are you from?" People always ask this question when they are making friends. However, this is an embarrassing question for the immigrants because they come from their own countries physically, but they are Americans on the inside. They are struggling to either be Americanized or keep their own cultures. Then, it brings a puzzle to the immigrant parents: should they Americanize their children? In my opinion, Americanizing their children is not a good choice because it’s difficult for them…

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  • Tourism In Niagara

    staff and representatives, reports and statistics. Her aim is to explore whether wine tourism is a sustainable form of rural tourism and whether it can be used as a tool for economic development. Winery tourism gives tourists a general idea on how cultural tourism is presented. Moreover, the pie chart that I mentioned in my literature review signifies the share of the Canadian beverage…

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  • Generational Differences In Staffing Research

    Issues with Generational Differences in Staffing Building a successful business today is the goal of every organization. But this often cannot be accomplished without a dedicated and highly passionate team of employees. These employees have different backgrounds and are from different generations, which often proves difficult for managers to understand and could lead to further issues in staffing. There are four recognized generations that are a part of workforce today. Each are distinct in its…

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  • Millenials: The Rise Of The American Dream

    Millenials, Americans born from 1981 to 1997, are being attack for being lazy and entitled, and abandoning the American dream. Millenials this year will eclipse in size the previous Gen X and baby boomer generations and by 2020 will comprise half of the U.S. workforce (Grisales, 2015). There is a ton of research on the millenial generation of about 75.3 million Americans. Millenials are approaching the workplace differently than any other generation, thus giving us a different outlook on the…

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