Cultural competence

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  • Anthropology In Humanitarian Action

    Anthropology in Humanitarian Action Master in Humanitarian Action and Conflict, Uppsala University, Joana Matos, 850630-T228 Question 1 Discuss the most significant parallels and differences between anthropological knowledge and humanitarian action, and reflect on how anthropologists have critiqued humanitarian practices. In order to answer this question, I will divide it in three different points. Firstly, I will examine the most relevant parallels between anthropological knowledge and…

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  • Cultural Encounter Between Benin And European Culture

    each other and it's known as cultural encounter. Cultural encounter is the way that the culture clash with each other. You can see the similarity between them and the difference as well as the huge impact that they leave on the individuals and the society. Cultural encounters give us the chance to see and understand how different people and different society live, express themselves and the way they choose to maintain their history. We can see that effect of cultural encounter between Benin and…

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  • Wade Davis Wayfinders Chapter Summary

    “The sum total of all thoughts and intuitions, myths and beliefs, ideas and inspirations brought into being by the human imagination since the dawn of consciousness” is best defined as ethnosphere by Wade Davis, in his introduction to Wayfinders (2). He establishes the direction of this travel log with the introduction of culture: a dynamic and complex system that characterizes societies and from it flows people’s identity. As Davis immerses the reader into a series of indigenous people groups…

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  • Intergenerational Issues In The Workplace Essay

    employed in an organization. However, as managers, is important to understand your employees, their cultural differences, providing all the necessary amenities in order to provide a pleasant, comfortable, and unbiased work environment for all. Likewise, accepting the fact that we are all different, and that Baby Boomers and Generation X are to be treated with dignity and respect, since…

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  • Society In Brave New World

    In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley writes about many different ideas and social behavior that differs from our society today. In Brave New World the society is united and constant. In today’s world there is disorder and unnecessary problems. In the novel the society is “accustomed” to be in a certain order. There is no poverty, diseases, and suffering unlike the world today. In the World State, it is a totalitarian government. All freedom and liberty are lost, but the people don’t know that…

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  • Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution

    involvement in the Korean War, the Great Leap Forward, division of the Communist party, and relations with the Soviet Union and the United States. However, his popularity and role as the ultimate leader kept Mao in power, so much so as to spark the Cultural Revolution that left China in a state of chaos. Before top Communist party members began this era of civil strife and weak foreign affairs, Mao and his closest followers tried to reform Chinese industry and way of living. After the Communist…

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  • The Influence Of The May Fourth Movement

    thousand years history of China, they were many different revolutions appear, most of them had shown what should be improved or even needed to change to maintain a better quality of the nation life in different eras. The May Fourth Movement, the Cultural Revolution and the June Fourth Movement are famous and familiar revolutions in contemporary Chinese history. The leader of China initiated some of the revolutions, because he knew there were inadequate policies to get a better and comfortable…

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  • Thick Description In Geertz's Essay 'Varsity Cup'

    should also include interpretations, commentary and comments on the interpretations. In this essay, I will discuss Varsity Cup Finals and my experience there off. I will argue that the Varsity Cup is not simple a rugby game it represents the current cultural phenomena at universities especially Stellenbosch university. The varsity cup is a representation of the sexist, resist, patriarchal and immoral behaviour of students that has been suppressed that it becomes very visible at the sporting…

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  • Chairman Mao Song Analysis

    Creative Component: The Life and Legacy of Chairman Mao Track Listing with descriptions 1. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes: In many ways, the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes can be representative of one of Mao’s greatest accomplishments: the Long March. The mood of the song is upbeat compared to the grueling Long March. However, the lyrics and title provide many similarities to the March. The first two lines of the song are, “I 'm gonna fight 'em off A seven nation army…

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  • Franz Boas

    Beginning in the 1920s, anthropology in America took a separate path away from the foundations of British social anthropology. Franz Boas, known as the father of American Anthropology, created a set of ideas that would revolutionize the field. His ideas included a rejection of unilinear social evolution, as well as historical particularism, or a focus on the history of a culture to find understanding. He believed that in order to fully understand the culture of a society, one must understand the…

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