Cultural competence

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  • Cultural Psychology Paper

    Cultural psychology is the study of the way traditions and practices come to shape the way people behave and think. The Schweder article’s purpose is to break down this principle and discuss the many complex aspects involved. The most interesting aspect of this paper is the description of how cultural psychology is the study of intentional worlds. Our world does not act as a concrete and stable aspect of the human psyche, instead it comes to shape us in numerous ways. It is virtually impossible…

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  • Charles Waddell Chesnutt's The Wife Of His Youth

    for so long been run by whites. With the end of the Civil War, America was supposed to be on to new horizons. Racism was supposed to eventually come to an end in order to make available the same prospect for all peoples, regardless of skin tone or cultural heritage. Instead, what ensued into the 20th and 21st centuries was the ire of prejudice and bigotry from both the minorities and the majority. Princeton Professor Wendy Belcher tweeted Woodrow Wilson’s summarization of the situation by…

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  • Finding Our Way Analysis

    extinct, every culture that disappears, diminishes a possibility of life” (162). All cultures around the world teach us that different ways of understanding and interacting with our environment exist and that no one way is superior than the other. Cultural diversity in society exposes people to different ways of thinking and makes the world a more exciting place to live. When judging groups of people within another culture based on our own standards and beliefs, that culture is misunderstood and…

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  • Globalization Of Culturally Diverse Media

    Watch argued Australian TV is made up of ‘a sea of white’, yet when scrolling through a Foxtel (2016), channel guide that contains over 20 channels made up of news, documentaries or food programs from differing cultural backgrounds and a dedicated indigenous Australian media channel, the cultural landscape is decisively different. On a global scale Australian television may not be a major player and micro-view of such media, like that of the ABCs, would indicate that because too many Anglo…

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  • Mao's Criticism Of The Hundred Flowers Campaign

    Mao tse-tung brought the communist revolution to China and gained political though the barrel of a gun. The Chinese system he overthrew nearly 50 years ago was backwards and corrupt. Few would argue the fact that he dragged China into the 20th century. But at a cost in human lives that is staggering. Suspected enemies of the party were murdered by the millions, farming collectives and the Great Leap Forwards of industrialization that failed miserably and left millions more died from starvation.…

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  • Moral Code Research Paper

    These reasons, rather than the Euthyphro Dilemma, are what makes actions right or wrong. According to some cultural groups moral code, slavery is right. In other cultural groups moral code, slavery is wrong. Therefore, there is no objective truth about whether slavery is morally right or wrong. Cultures make their own moral rules but, in a way culture becomes god. “In their worldview, Cultural Relativists believe that the truth about ultimate reality is that: • No absolute truth exists, or we…

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  • Gothic Subculture Analysis

    People often try to feel as a part of something, but what happens when a persons views and beliefs are completely different from the norm? In order to feel understood, these people will seek out others that share in their ideas and feelings, often times forming a subculture. The Frankfurt and Birmingham schools of thought analyze popular culture in an attempt to examine the formation and the purpose of subcultures in society. Through personal observation and interviews I was able to analyze the…

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  • Ethical Relativism Analysis

    A part of human nature is to be protective in a violent and aggressive way towards others who try and do harm to you or your family. Thus, since humans started to interact with one another, strong and powerful bonds have been forged between them forming societies that today make up a common color coded map of the world. Within each section of the map the society that resides there developed and implemented an ethical code for the betterment of the whole society. As a society grows larger, the…

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  • How Did Mao Zedong Impact On Communism

    occurred. Students rebelled in presence of Gorbachev visit to Beijing. The army moved in and killed thousands of students. Primary Runners: • Hua Guofeng: named by Mao as his successor • Deng Xiaoping; lost his position as general secretary during Cultural Revolution due to his liberal beliefs. • Hua Guofeng initially appeared to be the dominant figure, capturing the gang of four and leaving Deng in the…

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  • The Karate Kid Analysis

    The Unforeseen Journey of a Karate Master Joseph Campbell, an american mythologist, discovered the many common patterns that ran through the hero’s myths and stories around the world. The many years that Joseph Campbell had researched this topic, he noticed that most and almost every hero's story contained a common pattern , even in diverse cultures. A story that showed this pattern was the movie The Karate Kid. The movie The Karate Kid cataloged the journey of Shao Dre who is learning the…

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