Cultural competence

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  • Cultural Competence And Cultural Awareness

    ethnicity, cultural background, or religion. However, we are all human. We all deserve to be treated equally. Throughout the world, different cultures exist, and with the population increasing, so are many cultural groups. It is important to understand and be aware of the cultural differences and similarities that exist. There is not one single culture that is perhaps “better” than the other. In life, there are cultural situations and problems that exist. There are ways to develop cultural…

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  • Cultural Competence In Nursing

    Cultural competence is defined in the Siegen’s Medical Dictionary as the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with persons from cultures and/or belief systems other than one’s own, based on various factors (“cultural competence”). This aptitude and mindset is being sought after by today’s employers more often than before, especially in the career field of my choice, Nursing. As the world becomes smaller and people and civilizations become more easily accessible, majority of all…

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  • Reflection Of Cultural Competence

    The initial idea that came to my mind when I thought of cultural competence was my ability to distinguish the different dietary needs of different groups of people based on religion, personal preference, and special needs. Little did I know that the topic of cultural competence is much broader and goes much deeper than just the diets of my patients. In fact, I came to realize, that I had indeed been practicing cultural competence in the workplace without even realizing it; however, not as…

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  • Cultural Competence Nursing

    Cultural Competent Nursing Care Sharon Colton South University Cultural Competent Nursing Care Cultural competent nursing care is the expectation in today’s society. As nurses, we need to be mindful of different cultures and their healthcare beliefs. We need to be able to adapt to our patient’s cultural needs in order to provide holistic care to our patients and their families. “Health-care providers must recognize, respect, and integrate clients ' cultural beliefs and practices into…

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  • Cultural Competence In Healthcare

    Cultural competency is the knowledge of how to correctly act and treat people of different social variables. In order to maintain a peaceful environment in the healthcare industry, all professionals should be educated on how to interact with other healthcare professionals and patients of different backgrounds. This experience will allow healthcare professionals to treat others with respect and dignity. Cultural competence can be an advantage and will decrease the possibility of unprofessional…

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  • Cultural Competence And Diversity

    In the changing demographics the significance of cultural competence and diversity in health care settings the growing need for cultural transformation. So that as a cultural transformation leader in the opportunity to influence the lives of millions of people through building relationships, ensuring effective education and reporting, and through promoting a culture of learning. For sustained change to occur, it has to come from the inside out and from the top down (Stockamp, 2004). In…

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  • Cultural Competence In Counselling

    According to Hook et al. (2013), cultural humility involves working together with clients to determine where the client’s identity traits meet and how that affects therapeutic practices. A culturally humble counselor does not become overly confident, allowing prior experience working with a particular group to overly influence current client therapies and assessments. Developing multicultural counseling competence requires considering multiple factors that influence a person’s life. Factors…

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  • Reflection On Cultural Competence

    Hello Laquanda after reviewing our video I leaned what cultural competence is and how it affects others around us. As stated cultural competence is the ability to effectively build such bridges across cultures and to use culturally appropriate helping strategies in all phases of the planned change process. During the beginning of your video, I was under the impression that you were defining cultural sensitivity, which entails social workers to be respectful of differences among people and…

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  • Alzheimer's Act Essay

    Creating standards for care planning of unique populations, such as, the LGBT community and implementing mandatory cultural competency training for healthcare professionals across the continuum who interact with all Alzheimer’s patients, their families, and caretakers is necessary. Without these efforts, we are not employing best practice, challenge institutional oppression…

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  • Cultural Competency Among Latinos

    Cultural Competency is a major issue that we face today when dealing with diverse groups and this may be because there are not enough resources to deal with these issues. Latinos most especially is one of the fastest growing groups in the United States today, but these groups are not getting the resources that they need. Some of the issues that these groups face is acculturation, language barrier, parent-adolescent conflict that may lead to the Latino girls committing suicide and maltreatment.…

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