Cultural anthropology

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  • Summary Of Mead's Ethnography

    telling about the culture. When anthropological images transitioned from being moral to scientific this problem became more prevalent when informants were taken out of everyday life and posed in front of grids. Grid photographs are major disruptions to cultural life, but there are subtler disruptions as…

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  • Importance Of Cultural Psychology

    were of great interest to me. Among them, cultural, evolutionary, and social psychology were particularly appealing to me. However, it was cultural psychology that really stood out from the rest. Given that I aspire to someday be a cultural anthropologist, I can hardly say I found this to be surprising. It makes sense that applying the same cultural focus, that I have always had a strong interest in, to psychology would successfully appeal to me. Cultural psychology is a specialty that studies…

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  • Western Culture Vs Ethnography

    whereas a positive or adaptive reaction would mean most of society would change the way they treat their bodies in a negative, unhealthy way. 9) Cultural relativism is a belief that cultures cannot be superior than one another. For example, religion or political beliefs of an individual are in terms to their society. Ethnocentrism is the contrast of cultural relativism. The belief is that one’s culture values or ethics are better than the other, primarily looking at a culture through one…

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  • Conception Of Culture

    2001), thus it is a system of behaviour that is learned. There is no one version of culture or an idea that different cultures are completely the same, as Edward Tyler reinstates “culture… is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, anthropology morale, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society” (Tyler 1871) There are three moments displayed in the evolution of culture, the Boasian moment, Geertian moment and the Postmodern moment.…

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  • Cross Cultural Miscue Analysis

    Cross-Cultural Miscues Culture can be defined using many different phrases; one way of phrasing culture is a system of shared ideas or meanings. Different parts of the world have vastly different cultures that they practice in their society. Since so many contrasting cultures are present, not everyone knows about what is acceptable in every culture. This leads to cultural “norms” being violated resulting in a cross-cultural miscue. Cross-cultural miscues happen because the actions or languages…

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  • Thick Description In Geertz's Essay 'Varsity Cup'

    should also include interpretations, commentary and comments on the interpretations. In this essay, I will discuss Varsity Cup Finals and my experience there off. I will argue that the Varsity Cup is not simple a rugby game it represents the current cultural phenomena at universities especially Stellenbosch university. The varsity cup is a representation of the sexist, resist, patriarchal and immoral behaviour of students that has been suppressed that it becomes very visible at the sporting…

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  • Westminster Mall Ethnographic Analysis

    by ethnicity when observed in a diverse multicultural place such as Westminster mall? This paper describes my ethnographic work and study of the people I analyzed at Westminster mall on April 28, 2016. In the Cultural Anthropology book Welsch and Vicanco state that “Since the 1960’s cultural anthropologists have focused more intensively on the symbolic lives of people in all societies. I learned that there is many types of ethnicities and every ethnicity does particular things differently.…

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  • Summary Of Myth And Meaning By Levi Strauss

    cultures define art, and what purposes does art serve? Use any type of art which you would like to explain the anthropological perspective on art. Be sure to refer to some key concepts discussed in the class lectures related to art. Part B: The anthropology of art does not treat such artifacts as “exotic objects,” but instead examines them for the roles they play in people’s lives. According to the class lecture, how were exotic “artificial curiosities” the antithesis of an anthropological…

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  • Franz Boas, An Anthropological Pioneer

    modern anthropology”, Franz Boas is best known for establishing the area of cultural anthropology. Having possessed a scientific background with a doctorate in physics, he was one of the first scientists of his day to question the beliefs behind social Darwinism and scientific racism, and try to come to an understanding regarding the differences among people and their cultures. Boas dedicated his life to the study of anthropology, and he used his knowledge and drive to establish anthropology at…

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  • French Culture: The Influence On The Culture Of France

    people carry from one generation to other. However, culture isn't standard because people through time and years can add new habits and traditions that might be found strange and rare. Cultural diversity is when people of different habits and traditions are introduced to each other's cultures and live through it. Cultural diversity might grow and develop problems because of the engagement between the controlling culture which is the majority and the minority culture. Many questions are asked and…

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