Cultural anthropology

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  • Racism Exposed In Stranger In The Village By James Baldwin

    “Stranger in the Village” by James Baldwin explores the ideas of racism in earlier and present societies. This topic is of current interest, especially in today’s time; America and other nations are presently partaking in many social and racial justice movements. Baldwin opens his story by describing the first time he went to a small village in Switzerland. Due to the town’s inaccessibility, a person with black skin had never set foot in this remote village before, so Baldwin became a spectacle…

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  • Structural-Functionalism In Sociology

    Introduction Sociologists have developed three main perspectives to decipher the social world. Each perspective evaluates the society, social patterns, and behaviors through a different lens. These traditional paradigms include structural-functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. The structural-functional theory focuses on the interdependent role of each part that works collectively to stabilize the complex machine of society. The conflict theory considers the inevitable…

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  • Identity In Miss Brill

    The interpretive writer shapes and forms his work in such a way that we gain greater understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live in. Similar to a spotlight shining down at the performer on stage. Interpretive literature shines on the worlds issues and helps us to broaden our understanding of the human way of life and existence, and to illuminate certain aspects of life. Both stories, Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield and Identities by W.D. Valgardson, are still pertinent today…

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  • Football: The Cultural Evolution Of American Football

    Many can view American football as a modern day example of cultural evolution. Cultural evolution being the idea that human cultural change can be paralleled with Darwin’s evolutionary process of evolution, meaning we being humans can culturally grow and mature as we evolve through the decades. Many cultural evolutionists have this conception of sports being tied with cultural evolution when looking at how modern day sports, like football, can be viewed as a more civilized…

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  • Racial Inequality In The Film 'Do The Right Thing'

    Racial Inequality Throughout the history of the United States, racial inequality continues to be an issue in our society. Most of every race had come a long way from fighting to gain equality. The society today has definitely improved, but there is still racial inequality within today. Racial inequality is imbalance of opportunities and treatments that occur based off someone’s race. There are many explanations on why racial inequality exists and the film Do the Right Thing shows various ways…

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  • Analysis Of Sociological Imagination By C. W. Mills

    As a whole the world itself is a series of “fates” or “destinies” that are inevitably intertwined, the acts of one man changing the acts of another. C.W Mills believed that in order to understand the way in which one person comes to be whom they are in this world, we must look at their life through the idea of sociological imagination. Which Mills describes as something that “enables its possessor to understand the larger historical scene in terms of its meaning for the inner life and the…

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  • Analysis Of Sociological Imagination By Charles Wright Mills

    Charles Wright Mills was an American sociologist. He was best known for his theories and the way he defined sociological imagination. Sociological Imagination is the vivid awareness of the relationships between personal experience and the wider society. When you think about the two words, “Sociological” you think of the study of humans social behavior and the way they react to different things around them. “Imagination” is thinking about things in your own point of view. So when you put the two…

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  • Speaking In Tongue Essay

    From the day a person is born, that is when he or she starts to develop their own voice. A person’s voice is a powerful attribute, one can tell what kind of person he or she is talking to based on his or her voice. One’s voice that he or she obtains helps defeine who he or she is. The voice a person has in the beginning of their life, is influenced by how he or she was raised. In Zadie Smith’s essay “Speaking in Tongues” she disscusses how when people grow older they are exposed to people that…

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  • Principles Of Sociology: Social Construction Of Reality

    Alexandra Mederos Dr. Abdy SOC 201: Principles of Sociology 15 November 2015 Social Construction of Reality Conceptually, Berger’s book “Social Construction of Reality” is based on his belief that reality is socially constructed. He also believes that the sociology of knowledge must analyze the process in which this social construction occurs. The term social construction of reality refers to the theory of how we present ourselves to society based on our experiences and interactions with others.…

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  • Sociological Perspectives

    How do we understand the social world? This is one of the prominent questions in sociology that can be answered by sociological perspectives. Preceding the question is the definition of sociology along with briefly exploring its development throughout the 15th to 19th century to expound on the importance of its study. After defining and understanding sociological theories as the fundamentals of sociology, a scenario will be used to analyze and apply their principles. How sociology can…

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