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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Emergency Medical Training

    student had tried to slit her wrists. “We can handle this,” Matt said as he saw my tense face. We rode swiftly and managed to make it to the scene within the next minute. I saw a pool of blood on the living room floor upon entering the room with the crying patient on the floor. Matt assessed her, Yana jotted down the patient’s history while I checked the patient’s vital signs. Matt then called for an ambulance, as the patient was in need of further treatment. Just when we were in control of the…

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  • Symbolism In Like Water For Chocolate

    According to the FDA love is not an ingredient however, emotion still plays a large role in cooking. In the novel Like Water for Chocolate by Esquivel the main protagonist Tita faces many challenges in life. A narration by Esperanza, Tita’s granddaughter starts every chapter with a recipe. The recipes may seem like just a tradition being recorded but, they actually correlate with the emotions and challenges Tita faces in the chapter. Food is also used as a recurring motif with symbolic…

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  • Three Day Retreat

    heavy feeling in my chest takes over, an ache that only grows more by the second. Before I realized it I was on the floor crying. I sense someone coming my way, it is the girl who sat next to me in math class, the same girl that I judged so poorly as an obnoxious girl is now whipping my tears away. As I turn around I see multiple of my classmates fall to the floor and break down crying dwelling in their pain from a simple heartbreak to a death of a loved one. We all showed our affection and…

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  • My Mother's Divorce In My Family

    very badly that put her in a hospital and at 7 month I came along being a premature baby. My mom was terribly scared of my father and never even spoke up for herself that he was being abusive with her. Now I understand why she would stay up at night crying herself to sleep, staying at my aunt 's house noting wanting to come home to someone that beats her. I believe my mom went through hell when she was with my father nobody wants that life especially when having three kids and having to put them…

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  • The Negative Aspects Of Having A Mother

    Everyone’s got a mom, right? Whether you’re adopted, or have two parents of the same gender, or in whatever situation, everyone has a mom. But does everyone have a mother? I think there’s a difference. Your mom is the woman who helped create you – biologically of course. But your mother is the person who helped shape you into being. She taught you right from wrong, showed you the kind of parent you’d want to be (or maybe the kind you didn’t want to be), and helped you when you were upset. I’m…

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  • Nature Vs. Nurture In Brave New World

    young John attempted to intervene only to see the whip turn to him. This experience caused him to question his mother and ask, ‘“But why did they want to hurt you, Linda?’ he asked that night. He was crying because of the red marks of the whip on his back still hurt so terribly. But he was also crying because people were so beastly and unfair, and because he was only a little boy who couldn’t do anything against them,” (126). John experienced something that has all but been eradicated from…

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  • Nursing Observation In Nursing

    I observed the responsibilities of a Labor and Delivery Nurse, during the first day. I was able to gain much information about normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries and also observe how each delivery differed between that of the next mother. On the third and fourth day, I was able to learn how inadequate staff was handled in these areas and how this affected the clients as well. Childbirth is an unknown experience, therefore, nurses must be ready for help even if extra staff is not available.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Post-Hardcore Band In Concert

    Until I met letlive. The way the singer connected with his music was beautiful. At one point he was crying, he was laughing and then after the first song I swear he had us all crying or moving along to the music, It was beautiful. I learned from that specific concert that it isn’t okay to judge a band by a song. Just because one song isn't good, or sounds funny doesn't mean that their music…

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  • My First Day In High School

    my mom went to all my family and some of the church youth group I saw them all praying for me and crying especially your mom. I want to gag her face on that evening saying why her not her. I wasn 't understanding what was going on until I got up and squeezed her hand into mine and she screamed it 's a miracle at the time I was still not understanding what had happened to me or why everyone was crying but why was she saying those words they called doctors in right away and all they can say is it…

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  • Emma Watson Heforshe Case Study

    Discourse primarily concerned with women’s issues rarely proceeds without at least one instance of a familiar question: what about men? After all, men are unfairly stereotyped as not having emotions besides anger and jealousy. Men are unable to take their children to the park without being viewed as some sort of pervert. Men dominate dangerous and potentially deadly professions, often to the exclusion of other genders. In a country where a man can’t even take care of his children without being…

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