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  • Koaye Anderson's Narrative-Home

    More shouting ensues and people start running; She starts running too. “Then…” A figure swoops in front of her and guns her down; she is killed and falls to the ground instantly. Koaye is in shock and then starts crying. “Do you know who that woman was?” asked the man. “Y..Yes,” she says, sobbing uncontrollably. The man scoots towards her and gives her a bear hug and starts comforting her. “You will never return to the world of the living, you can only stay here……

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  • Analysis: A Happy Day That Turned Gray

    A Happy Day That Turned Gray I remember that it was a very hot day. It was the kind of hot day that made your clothes stick to your skin and made the thought of jumping into a tub full of ice seem inviting. Although the air was thick and sticky I couldn’t help, but be excited for what would come later that day. It was the day that I had been hoping for ever since I could remember. I just couldn’t believe that it was finally here! I felt like everything would turn out okay, but I couldn’t have…

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  • Changing My Life-Personal Narrative

    I did not know that I was about to hear the words that would change my life forever. It was just a regular Friday afternoon in August at around 3:30 pm. My dad had just come back from the Kellogg Eye Center; he was getting his eyes checked because he had a lesion leak making a cloud over his left eye. When he and my mom got home, he was lying on the couch looking very sad. I went into the kitchen and said “Wow, he looks really sad”. "Well, Hannah, he has stage four lung cancer, and he will…

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  • Book Report On The Book ' The Crucible '

    “What do you mean nobody knows where he’s at?” I asked the MC. They had called a meeting and wanted to talk to me about Hunter. Lucifer the President leaned back in his chair, “What we mean is after that weekend he sold the house for cash. Apparently his real name isn’t Hunter Hastings, we’ve searched for him high and low, no computer database has him either. Even the college can’t help us, they did help as much as they could by letting access their system.” I rubbed my forehead, it had…

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  • Creative Writing: The Sky Was Full Of Stars

    sad. I remember I was terribly sad.” “You’ll remember if you keep talking.” I tell him, “Go on.” “Sure,” Jimmy said. “Go on then.” I tell him again, “I’ll interpret for you.” “I woke up feeling real awful, honest I felt so sad, I was crying some. I was crying and I haven’t cried in decades. I haven’t a clue what it was about either,” Jimmy said, “I woke up so goddamn sad and I don’t have one idea why, but that wasn’t the worst part about it-” “Oh?” I asked. “The worst part about it was I…

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  • Personal Narrative: Finding Peace In My Life

    Finding My Peace When I was 16 I found true peace in my life, it came unexpected and when it did come it broke my heart. I found peace when I moved out of my mother’s house, after years of suffering under her roof I felt freedom. To understand why I felt peace for leaving home you have to understand what I went through during my middle and high school years. My mom has many problems with her mind and what she did to compensate with her own thoughts. Before I tell my story on how I found peace I…

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  • The Diary Of A Young Girl: An Analysis

    Little five year old Kathryn, crying on her first day of school, clinging to the only sense of comfort I would have that day. Years passed, and the same routine occurred. Go to school, do homework, get in trouble, bawl my eyes out with a single look from my father, never get into trouble (excluding the one time I stole from Target). Eventually little crybaby Kathryn got her crap together and decided crying and being awkward consistently was probably not the best thing…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day I Lost My Best Friend

    her from the beginning. I remembered the first time I skip school with her, and the time I got my ears pierced by her. I also remember the time I say goodbye and I hug her crying and it felt like dead memories. I went to my bed after telling my mom what happened and I cried again, hugging my pillow. Suddenly after hours of crying I felt sleep. Next day I decided to check her Facebook, there were a lot of people posting in her Facebook account. Some that didn’t even talk to Itzayana, some that…

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  • A Short Story: Jane's 'She Wept'

    She Wept “There’s the Bridge, oh, and the Opera House too! Look, Sara, the harbour is just like a postcard…,” Jane simply breathed her amazement. With nose pressed against the window of the Ferris wheel carriage, she continued her awed narration as we began our final, rounded descent. Lollipop roofs on canvas tents. Sun glinting off the polished brass poles of the carousel. People darting about, miniature, with all the frenzy of a colony of ants. The huge, manic mouth of Luna Park was ever…

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  • Separating By John Updike Analysis

    This age group by far has the hardest time coping with divorce. Updike makes a clear statement that the younger children are not effected as dramatically as the older ones by what the youngest son, John, says while crying. He cries, “It’s not just the separation, it’s the whole crummy year, I hate that school, you can’t make any friends, the history teacher’s a scud” (Updike 740). As the reader, I can see that John is really worried about himself, and what’s going…

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