Cruciate ligament

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  • Informative Essay On Longboarding

    Skateboarding has long been a popular hobby/sport for ages, and is popular amongst many different people of all ages and genders. Recently longboarding, a newer version of skateboarding, has become a much more popular sport/hobby. Now for those who do not know longboard is a longer, wider, and faster version of a skateboard. Longboarding originated somewhere out of Hawaii, and is sometimes referred to as sidewalk surfing. The best way to put it is longboarding is a mix of skateboarding and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Patellar

    participate competitively in sports for a long period of time are likely to benefit more from a hamstring graft. Making the right choice in reconstruction techniques is important to patients and their rehabilitation. The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is one of four main ligaments…

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  • ACL Injury In Sports

    will examine the stability of the knee itself and how the ligaments surrounding the knee respond to stimulation. The Lachman test is a widely used examination technique physicians use in order to check the condition of the ACL. Physicians place the patient on their back lying flat, placing one hand above the knee and the other directly behind the knee. The physician then move the knee in normal ranges of motions and feels for how the ligaments in the knee respond. If the physical examinations…

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  • My Dog Lola Analysis

    My Dog, Lola As humans, we have the ability to love. Love is hard to explain, but for my whole life, I have been told that I have so much love to give, especially love towards animals. One animal that I love very much is my dog, Lola. Lola is a pure bred Rottweiler and her story begins with the end of our former dog, Maggie’s story. Maggie was a rescued Rottweiler and when she passed, I, along with my family, wanted another female “Rottie” in the house. Unfortunately, months of searching left us…

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  • The Importance Of Participation In Sports

    Sport related injuries have consistently been a problem throughout the years. The topic constantly makes headlines, and studies are continuously being performed to help make sports safer for everyone. While proper training and equipment is important in preventing injuries, these factors do not always rule them out. Participation in sports are growing, and we need to do our best to help prevent major problems. ACL injuries, concussions, muscle strains, and rotator cuff tears are some of the most…

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  • The Importance Of Concussions In High School Football

    In America we eat, sleep, and breathe the game of football. Embedded in our minds at a young age most kids begin playing football competitively, for fun, or simply just watching the game as early as 4 years old. Football is a game that brings people and families closer in America and puts smiles on their faces. For example every thanksgiving there is a NFL football game played every single year. Where tons of families across the country gather around eat great food and watch grown men’s bodies…

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  • ACL Injury In Soccer

    the world. Unfortunately, soccer-related knee injuries are very common and constitute a major problem not only in soccer but many other sports. The Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common knee structure that is injured during play and practice. An ACL injury can be characterized as a partial of a full tear of the ligament; surgical repair of the ACL is very common, expensive and it requires extensive long-term rehabilitation at $17000 to $25000 per injury. The ACL injury is…

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  • Acl Injury Case Study

    Discussion: The patient in this case study was a perfect candidate for an ACL repair with hamstring autograft because of the injury sustained to her ACL ligament. Doctor Rains acknowledged that two-thirds on the patella tendon can be used and has better results but chose to do a hamstring autograft. He based the decision on the age of the patient. Most studies done on patella tendon graft vs hamstring tendon…

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  • Narrative Essay On My Knee

    situation anymore. Lastly, I’ve learned when you are injured people are rude and inconsiderate. I want to be different. I want to be helpful to those who are disabled or injured because everyone deserves respect and kindness. Tearing my anterior cruciate ligament, medial meniscus, and lateral meniscus has changed my life, and hopefully for the…

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  • Night Reflection Essay

    Published in 1958, Elie Wiesel’s piece of literature, Night, describes his experiences surviving torturous concentration camps which eventually altered his life. Wiesel felt bound by his surroundings, but overcame his trials to create a hopeful, promising future. In the same way, today’s society becomes overwhelmed by devastating events that transform into something advantageous for their being. While these occurrences are ultimately beneficial, enduring major knee surgery and imprisonment…

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