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  • Online Learners

    As an online learner, aiming to be a professional Psychologist (ideally with vulnerable young people), I have learnt that it is still possible to interact with other colleagues and be able to discuss our ambitions, goals and experiences. I’ll be completely honest at the start of this week 1 I was very unsure about online learning it was all very new and scary to me. I’m not the very best with computers to top it off however I know all the basics but that didn’t really help with my struggle to…

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  • Eight Standards For Mathematical Practices Of Students In The Common Core State Standards

    Teaching Philosophy Statement: My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that students need a safe learning environment in order for deeper understanding to take place. I believe, based on my prior experiences and research, that active learning allows students of all learning styles to gain a deep mathematical understanding of content. Active learning also offers opportunities for students to explore and utilize the eight Standards for Mathematical Practices that are listed in the Common…

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  • Single-Perspective Reflection

    to be the best according to me. Moreover, this paper also applies the principles of all the argument I have discussed and learned in this class. I need to use all of the argumentative writing skills, such as building ethos. It helps me to utilize critical thinking when discussing a controversial issue. I cannot use bias and 1st position such as I,me,my in this paper.…

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  • Illustration Al Seckel's TED Talk

    TED Talk #3 Discussion Board Perception Thing Section #1: Synopsis Al Seckel is a TED Talk speaker, who specializes in visual illusion. In this TED Talk, Seckel starts off by introducing the audience of what illusions can do towards our minds. He then showed the audience of one specific illusion as his first demonstration, called “Crazy Nuts”. In this illusion, there are 2 nut bolts which the holes are perpendicular to each other, where a rod could go through both. How? Seckel then…

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  • Analysis Of Why Facts Don T Change Our Minds

    Defined by a myriad of components that integrally meld into a complex of knowledge, human nature exists as an enigma with seemly unrelated pieces. While initially, some of these components may seem to be antithetical, the ambiguity found within each individual dictates that even the most polar factors are closely interwoven as with the case of emotion and reason. This interconnection, and how it functions to formulate knowledge, is an integral capacity that allows mankind to explore the…

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  • Analysis Of Morgan Spurlock's Article 'Do You Want Lies With That?'

    In Morgan Spurlock’s article, “Do You Want Lies with That?” he writes extensively about the warning label. The reader may be prone to ask, why did someone think that it would be a clever idea to eat the silicon packets found in products? Or what about the first person to think it was a clever idea to operate a hair dryer while in a bathtub? People should be able to use their common sense; a few hundred years ago, humans were responsible for their own survival, and they needed to use logic, so…

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  • Unit 1 Reflection

    REFLECTIVE JOURNAL – UNIT 1 The primary and most vital element of UNIT 1 reading is making a habit of reflection. As in daily mundane, sometimes project managers gets so much involved in problem solving and conflict resolutions that, he does not pay enough time to reflect. Which not only helps him develop on the personal level but also helps him plan for futuristic issues and problems, in his professional career. With the aid of self-reflection, he starts to think and see things from different…

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  • Gossip Persuasive Speech

    Gossip I want to start off by asking, how many of you have talked about someone? Whether it’s in a good or bad way. Most of you guys raised your hand and you probably thought back on a rumor you spread, or heard about. You may not notice it, but nine times out of ten you are gossiping. 80% of our conversations are spent on discussing other people and their habits Black said in 2009. When people think of gossip, it’s mainly thought of someone else talking trash on another person, spilling…

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  • Example Of Deductive Reasoning Essay

    1. Deductive reasoning is that process of reasoning in which one moves from the general premise to the specific one. The truth of the conclusion depends on the truth of the premises. Inductive reasoning instead is the process of reasoning that begins with the specific then moves to the general. Abductive reasoning is an explanation of some experienced or observation of events but you cannot explain the event or do not have knowledge. It can be true or may not be true. 2. 1).…

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  • Accidental Discovery John Gale Analysis

    I argue that while Gale may present a somewhat logical definition for the term “accidental discovery,” as well as a convincing argument as to why his idea of accidental discoveries do not exist, Gale’s definition of what constitutes an accidental discovery is incomplete. In this essay, I will describe Gale’s definition of an accidental discovery, and assess his argument as to why accidental discoveries can not be made in science. Then, I will argue that an accidental discovery can actually…

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