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  • Summary: The Meiji Restoration

    economic needs. Japan at that point was militarily weak, it had no technological advancements and its economy was mainly aided through agriculture. Before the restoration, Japan was controlled by hundreds of semi-independent feudal lords. The Meiji period…

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  • The Elephant Vanishes Symbolism

    The Elephant Vanishes can be seen as a manifestation of modernization and homogenization of Japanese culture through the influence of westernization. Murakami is particularly interested in the way that the characters react towards the changing society. Throughout the collection, he writes about the consequence of westernization by exploring the seriousness of Japan as a vanishing culture. This idea is most profound in the beginning and the end story of the collection The Wind-up Bird and…

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  • Sakoku In Japan

    Imagining a country that is totally closed off from all exterior surroundings is very difficult do, as there are very few countries that even have the resources for such an endeavor. This is the perceived vision of what Japan was like during the Tokugawa period, where the Shoguns employed an idea of Sakoku in Japan. But what does Sakoku mean? There is a literal translation of closing down the country, but the foreign relations policy did not follow this word for word translation . Along with…

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  • On Female Identity Analysis

    Judith Kegan Gardiner writes in On Female Identity and Writing by Women that “[f]emale identity is a process and writing by women engages us in this process as the female seeks to define itself in the experience of creating art” (361). Elaine Showalter takes the case further in her discussion of gender differences in determining “whether sex differences in language use can be theorized in terms of biology, socialization, and culture; whether women can create new languages of their own; [and]…

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  • Final Case Studies: Atrium Bio-Medical Supply, Inc.

    submit as one document. Assignment: #1. Forest Point Construction (System Planning) a. What is the correct total time? The correct total time for this project is 31 days. b. Create a Gantt chart that shows the WBS. c. What is the critical path? The critical path consists of the total project timeframe, the amount of time each task will take, and whether or not certain tasks are dependent on other tasks being completed…

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  • Rossi And Beethoven Comparison

    framework called “la solita forma” in which operas followed a standardized pattern based in building drama and increasing complexity (Beghelli, 2011, p.97). This formula enabled Rossini and other composers to maintain a high volume of output over a short period of time without sacrificing quality or audience reception. A result of method was work that often lacked thematic recurrence and had a segmented quality. Instead of his music consistently informing itself, Rossini’s “melody...breaks off…

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  • Tenmyouya Hisashi Essay

    Since the Meiji era to our Modern era, Nihonga was changed and Tenmyouya Hisashi created Neo-Nihonga to break out of this rut that Japanese painters have been stuck in and now wants to shake everything up for this new age. Wanting Neo-Hihonga to break free of that structure that Hihonga was given over 120 years ago and create something new and fresh. Tenmyouya Hisashi went as far as to create a whole new style called “BASARA” “which is extravagant as well as extraordinary which embodies a…

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  • Burakumin Sociology

    minutest physical characteristics, like hair color, can give reason for this baseless prejudice. Early records in japan indicate an “untouchable” social class that occupied undesirable jobs like tending to the dead and butchery. Since the Japanese Edo Period from 1600 to 1867, there has existed a strict social hierarchy. In the lowest rung of this hierarchy are burakumin, which translates to “village people”. The offensiveness of this designation is not apparent until it is…

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  • The Meiji Restoration In The 1800's

    Introduction Fukoku-Kyōhei, meaning “enrich the country and strengthen the military” quickly became the motto for a reinvigorated Japan stepping onto the global stage commanded by the West, while also acting as the mold for which they would inevitably fit through their rather abrupt transformation: The Meiji Restoration (Christensen 1). What may have ultimately began as an endeavor to modernize, may have also become the trigger for exponential societal change and an undertaking that would…

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  • Women In Mary Wollstonecraft's The Social Contract

    People like to believe they have control over their own decisions; however, all decisions and all actions are taken under a system of laws and moral and cultural codes ingrain into everyone since childhood. In Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s The Social Contract, he notes that state of nature is where everyone is free and at peace, but as population grows and people’s needs changes, humans starts to group themselves together, loosing that freedom. Socially, one must lose their individual freedom for…

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