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  • Different Types Of Parenting Styles

    Becoming a parent for the first time can be one of the world’s scariest responsibilities for anyone especially when there are no instructions given to the parent when the child is born. That leaves many questions for new parents on how to raise their child while most just go with the way they best see fit. Some parents may consider selecting a parenting style to incorporate in their lifestyle and try to identify themselves with one in order to raise their children with the best intentions.…

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  • Tello's Theory Of Artificial Mummification

    Upon investigation, Tello concluded the Paracas culture used an artificial preservation technique that he formulated because of a suspected carbonization of the bundles. Tello inferred that there was a form of incineration that the Paracas people used in their preservation (Guillén 2004) and concluded that this may have been ceremonial or accidental. Yet, in a study by Yacovleff and Muelle, they argue that mummification was caused by natural desiccation (Vreeland Jr 1998). They cite the aridity…

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  • Selena Quintanilla Conductor: A Brief Biography

    than two million copies, and starring a billionaire concert in Houston. Selena's success ends in March 1995, when she was only 23 years old. The president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar, she killed her for financial reasons, both lived in Corpus Christi and knew each other for a long time. Selena trusted her to run some of her stores, but her father realized that she was scamming Selena. . After a series of problems and disagreements, Selena decided to go see her and talk face to face and…

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  • London High School Experience

    length: 1500 words London is my home away from home. If America was my greatest adventure and my greatest fear, being a Pirate was my greatest journey. A thirty-hour exhausting flight physically transported me from Vietnam to a foreign land - Corpus Christi, and figuratively transformed a childish girl to a young…

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  • Del Mar College: Gateway To A Brighter Future

    The current branding slogan for Del Mar College of “Dreams Delivered” has lost its appeal and effectiveness. As a result, a new branding strategy must be put in place to ensure the enrollment at Del Mar College will continue to increase. The new slogan and branding strategy of “Gateway to a Brighter Future,” will help rebuild the image of Del Mar College. It will bring new potential student’s fresh out of high school to Del Mar and also attract those individuals who are returning to school…

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  • Are We There Yet?

    Are We There Yet? For the past few years, many reports and debates have focused on the drastic climate changes here on Earth. Some will argue that rapid deforestation, littering, and greenhouse gasses are causes for the strange weather patterns on this planet. However, others will argue and say, “It’s just the planet’s natural cycle.” Like most people, I had never really bothered to pay attention. I didn’t have an opinion, but it seemed like I couldn’t escape the heated topic. It was impossible…

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  • My American Dream

    thirty-hour exhausting flight physically transported me from Vietnam to a foreign land - Corpus Christi, as well as figuratively transformed a childish girl to a young adult at the age of fifteen. From the moment that I stepped out of the airplane, a new chapter of my life began without me being aware. After a chain of uplifting and exciting feelings, the reality mercilessly ruined my flawless illusion. Corpus Christi was not the capitalist paradise that I dreamed about. It was not the luxurious…

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  • What You Think Intercultural Communication By Kate Garvis

    1) What you think Intercultural Communication means and how does the ideas Nate Garvis presents in the video relate to that? • Intercultural Communication is a method of communication that focuses on transmitting information from one culture to another. Intercultural Communication can be used to break down geographical borders and psychological borders when it comes to understanding other cultures. According to the Human Resource Management Review, members of global virtual teams do not travel…

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  • Spanish Colonization Of Texas Dbq Analysis

    Franciscan Friars, who ran the mission, would convert the natives. Then presidios—a military post—would be built; the area would be deemed safe and then Spanish people would begin to move in. They began in 1682, when the first mission was built, called Corpus Christi de la Isleta, near modern-day El Paso. Afterwards, many missions were established, but many factors contributed to the near-failure of Spanish Texas, for what I believe are three main reasons: the location of the missions and…

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  • Saint Margaret Mary Fabyan Windeatt Summary

    First Friday, and by an hour-long vigil of prayer every Thursday night in the memory of his agony. And the fourth vision, in which Jesus asked that she seek to have instituted a feast of reparation on the Friday after the octave of the Feast of Corpus Christi. A book written by St. Claude, a Jesuits priest who believed Margaret Mary, and respected her, was read out loud throughout the convent meals, without anyone knowing in advance that it recounted her visions. Understanding of their…

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