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  • Personal Narrative-The Maze

    The Maze “Come on! come on! come on, Emma!” shouted Skylar. Skylar rushed Emma to sign up for the corn maze. Clickety clack, clickety clack. They heard the high schoolers high heels. As they slowly lifted their heads up, it was the bully in the whole school Julie Hoffman. She pranked three freshmen every year, and all cried most of the time. “Hey little babies!” shouted Julie. “Are you going to enter the maze contest?” Yes, mumbled Skylar and Emma at the same time. Fine, Julie said but just so you know I am going to win exclaimed Julie as she held up her gold shiny medals that she won the rest of the years. See this guys I’ve won the past 5 years 1st place you see that guys and guess what you are not going to break my streak said Julie.…

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  • A Scary Date Narrative Essay

    Unlike yesterday 's date, I wanted to do something fun that he would remember forever. He helped me get ready by decorating my costume, I was a scarecrow he was a hunter. Earlier in the week I saw flyers about haunted houses and corn mazes throughout Greenville and I knew he would love that. That was our big scary date; however he had no clue what was in store for him. We drove into the night, he asked me a thousand of questions about where we were going. When we finally reached our destination…

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  • Corn Maze Poem Analysis

    Corn mazes are huge, sometimes extravagant, mazes made out of corn where children and children at heart find amusement in making wrong turns and getting lost looking for the end. David Barber uses a corn maze to show that in life everything we do, whether a positive or a negative impact, is an experience. Experiences form the basis of all types of human relationships (Volkmer). Barber uses paradoxes, an extended metaphor, and diction to portray the idea that the experiences in life impact one…

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  • New Salem Corn Maze: A Short Story

    “’I’m so soaked about today,” Shelby squealed. Me too, I said then the other two said the same. Ashley was on her phone listening to music videos with her bright green headphones on and her super bright blonde hair left loose in the end. Her blue sparkling eyes shined in the light coming off of her phone in the car as we were on are way to the New Salem Corn Maze. It Used to be the but now is called New Salems. Next to Ashley was Lexi and Lexi is a really nice and funny person like Ashley…

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  • The Pumpkin Festival: A Short Story

    wagons for the hayrides puttered past. “Say, there’s a job for Perry,” I offered. “Not happening,” said Wilber. Perry sat sullenly on the ground behind us, wires falling from his ears, plugged into some music that none of us could hear. I took my seat and began the process of officiating. Matching contestants with registrations, and giving directions when asked. The crowd grew as the morning progressed, and I was soon swallowed in the festival atmosphere. I was so absorbed in my tasks that…

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  • How Does Literature Affect An Individual's Identity

    seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experiences.” The way an individual handles the situations that are placed in one’s life can ultimately change their identity. This quote is certainly true because in real life people undergo new experiences everyday which influences one’s identity. Additionally, individuals meet new people which can also influence how one thinks of themselves. Two works of literature that justify the quote are The Maze Runner by James…

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  • Maze Runner Film Analysis

    talks about a bleak world that I hopeless also in these stories a young person saves everyone because young bloods have more energy they also fight for what they believe in. The book anthem and the movie Maze Runner tell stories about young people who save society because they are idealistic. Anthem is a book about equality 7-2521 that grows up in this dystopian society and kind of sticks out from the rest of his brothers. Equality 7-2521 gets older him and his brothers have to get jobs…

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  • Maze Runner Book Comparison

    The Maze Runner, written by James Dashner is introducing a dystopian society. The individual boys have to find out why they all are in a Glade together and why they are in a horrifying environment that is like a prison. The book is about a group of intelligent teenagers trying to escape a seemingly unsolvable Maze, which is a test to see who can survive. The novel Maze Runner by James Dashner is better in comparison to the movie as the book is more descriptive, the ending is better and the book…

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  • Book Report: The Maze Runner

    The book that I read for my distopan lighture is The Maze Runner Written by James Dashner. The story of the book is that Thomas is sent to live in a maze called Glade that changes everyday with other boys his age . They try to find a way out of the maze, but if they stay to long out in the maze, then the walls will close and the grevers will come out. The the grevers are a very dangerist moster that only comes out a night, ways one ton, hase spikes, and has a stinger that can sting the boys, and…

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  • The Maze Runner Research Paper

    Andrès Groff Mr. Hyde English II Pre-AP, Period 1 January 5 2016 The Maze runner By James Dashner SETTING The Maze Runner takes place in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future. The Maze, created by WICKED to sort of test teens on their abilities, is where the book is set. Surrounded by the maze at the very center is a place known as the Glade. The Glade is grassland with scattered forests inhabited by the Gladers. The Gladers consists of orphans, teenage boys, who have created a complex society…

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