Cooking techniques

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  • Cooking Persuasive Technique

    This may seem a little alien at the start however many top chefs use this technique. It essentially involves comparing the texture of the steak with the flesh under your thumb. I need to be clear on this point however in that you use your right hand to feel your left hand if you are a right-handed and use your left hand to feel your right hand if you are left…

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  • The Importance Of Cooking Techniques In France

    The techniques used in preparing dishes are different and unique from each other. The strategies utilized as a part of setting up a dish can influence what the dish is similar to as much if not more than the fixings themselves. (, 2015) French cooking Techniques is the base for most of the western cuisine. They have adopted basic techniques and method from French cuisine, simply because the French were the first to document and write the cooking procedure.…

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  • Gravy Novices

    family breakfast or a fancy dinner, it is a worthy addition to your cooking repertoire. Here are some tips for gravy novices. N-E-X-T Read through your recipe and set out the measured ingredients and tools before you begin. You do not want your gravy to burn while you are measuring milk. Multitasking Mishap You will need to closely monitor your gravy, so no multitasking. Are you making dinner or paper mache? When making a roux for gravy, the flour has to be cooked properly. Skip this step…

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  • Usual Methods Of Slow Cooking: What Is Slow Cooking?

    What is slow cooking? All right, let’s get right on it then, Slow cooking as the name implies is the process in which you cook your food on a large bowl or a pot immersed in a liquid for a long period of time, usually a minimum of 3 hours or more. Usual methods of slow cooking involve smoking; stewing or baking the food in low-heat and barbequing is included as well. Although in the United States slow cooking usually implies the use of a crock pot which is usually a ceramic bowl with a glass…

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  • Making A Dutch Archetype

    Making a chicken stew or similar recipe may not be something new for you. You must have tried it or something else somewhat similar many times cooking it in a usual way. There is another method to use a Dutch oven or slow cooker also for making stew recipe. Cooking tips for Dutch Oven Stew One of the very useful things for a kitchen is a dutch oven. This is also called by the other names like stockpot or French oven. As compared to stockpot, a dutch oven is made with the thicker bottom and…

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  • Restaurant Review Essay

    develops the menus and delegates orders to lower cooks. The system is reffered to as the Brigade system. Escoffier developed the brigade system and modeled it after the French army. The head of the kitchen is the chef de cuisine. This member of the kitchen oversees al menu preparation, ingredient ordering, staff, and cooking. Below the chef de cuisine is the Sous-chef. They are the second-in-command, and they are responsible for receiving orders and managing the kitchen. The next level down is…

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  • Cooking Show Satire

    personalities. The current trend in the television industry is something that we do a couple of times in a daily basis, and that is cooking and eating. More and more food shows have been created in the last 10 years. This may be due to the fact that people have become more engaged with things that they see on television, it even became a lifestyle for them. When cooking shows first came to air on television, it was just a simple presentation how food is prepared, techniques which yourself can…

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  • Kitchen Utensil Essay

    A kitchen is a room or part of a room that used for cooking and food preparation in a house or in a commercial establishment. The main purpose of a kitchen is serving as a location for storing, cooking and preparing food, and also can be used for dining, entertaining and laundry. When it came to consume food, the most common material in the old time for kitchen utensil was wood due to its availability and low cost. In the olden days, different class of people used different type of material-made…

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  • Vietnamese Cuisine Research

    Oyster mushrooms Oriental greens The types of oriental greens are: • Pak choy • Flowering cabbage • Mustard greens • Chinese leaves • Water spinach Equipment’s used in Vietnamese cooking The traditional Vietnamese kitchen is basic. Very little equipment is needed in the kitchen. The kitchen equipment’s are as follows: • Wok: it is the most important utensil for everyday cooking in a Vietnamese kitchen. The woks are not only used for stir frying but as well as deep frying, steaming, braising…

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  • Michael Feiker Research Paper

    Michael Feker is a passionate man who spreads that passion and joy of cooking and eating healthy meals through his roles as chef, restaurateur, television personality, culinary schoolteacher, culinary director and consultant, caterer, and cooking demonstration chef. A 27-year veteran in the restaurant industry, Michael dreamed about being in the kitchen since he was a child. Born in Persia, he's had the benefit of experiencing food from around the world - beginning in Switzerland where he…

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