Convergent validity

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  • Analysis: What Won T We Give Up?

    Has technology compromised our sexual and social life? As technology has become an integral part of our lives, people start questioning whether or not we are too addicted to it that we could give up our social life. A survey conducted by Sachs media group in 2013 shows that majority of respondents would not give up their smartphone for a week, given the choice among sex, smartphone, alcohol and caffeine (Sachs media group, 2013). The statistics presented through the infographic “What Won’t We…

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  • Mccrae And Costa's Five Trait Theory Case Study

    seen to measure two distinct and individual dimensions of personality only; Extraversion and Neuroticism. The inventory consists of 18 items that require dichotomous scores ranging from zero to nine. The inventory is said to have good construct validity after having been tested primarily in Swedish twin studies (Levenson, Aldwin, Bossé, & Spiro, 1988; Mroczek, Spiro, Aldwin, Ozer, & Bossé, 1993 as cites in Mroczek and Spiro, 2003). Results of the study had revealed that men differed in their…

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  • Importance Of The Self-Regulation Questionnaire

    The Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ) Self-regulation is the ability to develop, implement, and flexibly maintain planned behavior in order to achieve one's goals. Building on the foundational work of Frederick Kanfer (Kanfer, 1970a, 1970b), Miller and Brown formulated a seven-step model of self-regulation (Brown, 1998) (Miller & Brown, 1991). In this model, behavioral self-regulation may falter because of failure or deficits at any of these seven steps: 1. Receiving relevant information 2.…

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  • Lifestyle-Routine Activities Theory

    Routine Activities Theory could be made if “scholars and practitioners begin to focus on (a) the interaction of lifestyle with other factors, such as gender or delinquent values; (b) virtual places and online routine activities; and (c) the use of convergent…

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  • Four Commandments Of Divergent Thinking

    Convergent Thinking Convergent thinking is a thinking technique in which ideas are examined for logical validity. (Collins English Dictionary, n.d.) Some ideas generated from the divergent thinking may not be workable ideas or more than one of the ideas could be used to solve the problem or issue. Before…

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  • BAI Assessment

    Some advantages of the BAI include: it is quick and easy to administer and score; the 21 questions are accurate predictors of anxiety disorders (as noted in the validity portion of this paper); it is a useful tool to determine client baselines; it can be helpful for ongoing assessment of the client 's symptomatology; the BAI better discriminates anxiety symptoms from depression when compared to other anxiety measures…

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  • The Importance Of Self Compassion

    years at 5 Korean universities. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), correlations, and one-way ANOVAs were conducted for data analyses. The final sample size comprised 447 responses. The 3-factor model of the JSE-HPS was confirmed by CFA and the convergent validity was also supported by its correlations with the IRI subscales. The overall mean score was 80.3.Pharmacy students enrolled in women's or private universities reported significantly higher levels of overall empathy than their…

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  • Karl Popper's Theory Of Falsification

    Philosopher Karl Popper suggested that it is impossible to prove a scientific theory true using induction, since it is hard to find evidence that will assure us that contrary evidence will not be traced. To argue this, Karl Popper suggested that proper science is accomplished by a method he referred to as deduction. Deduction involves the process of falsification. Falsification is a particular specialized aspect of hypothesis testing. The falsification process generally involves the process of…

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  • Theory Of Creativity Essay

    Creativity is the generation of imaginative new ideas, involving a radical newness innovation or solution to a problem, or a radical reformulation of problems, or an integration of existing knowledge in a different way. The created item may be intangible (scientific theory, musical composition, and joke) or an original physical object (invention, literary work, architecture, painting). Creativity involves use of everyday capacities such as the association of ideas, memory, perception, analogical…

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  • The Importance Of Technology Acceptance Model

    Introduction: The advancement in the internet technologies (2G, 3G) as well as the mobile communication industry along with the increasing popularity of mobile communication devices such as smart phones, tablets, net books and laptops, has led to the emergence of mobile commerce as an alternative business model. Mobile phone today is considered as a lifestyle device and not just a tool to connect (Thakur & Srivastava, 2012). Its functionality has gone far beyond the function of merely connecting…

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