Conservatism in the United States

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  • Sicko Michael Moore Analysis

    The Analysis of Michael Moore’s Documentary, “Sicko” The film subject to criticism, is Michael Moore’s “Sicko”. A film which is based on the condemnation of the American healthcare system, from an extremely democratic point of view. Although the film does measures in exposing the flaws of the American healthcare system, there are issues which lie in Moore’s criticism. Including the filmmakers “liberal-conservative” bias, the repetitiveness of certain points, and the portrayal of extremities.…

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  • The Freedom Ride Analysis

    University of Sydney, under the name of ‘Student Action For Aborigines’ (SAFA) and was led by one of the two Indigenous students in the group; Charles Perkins (Galligan & Roberts, 2007). These students were inspired by the civil rights movement in the United States of American in 1961, which aimed to fight against segregation, particularly on busses and in bus terminals, as well as police brutality towards African-Americans (Galligan & Roberts, 2007). The main inequalities being challenged by…

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  • Joseph Allport's Anti-Semite Class

    With Germany’s unification in 1871 and rapid societal advancement thanks to the Second Industrial Revolution, there comes as with any burgeoning society a need for a scapegoat. Anti-Semitism was not an uncommon practice in Europe, and for Germany specifically, the cards worked out that way. For one, when the Financial Crisis of 1873 occurred (something that naturally happens to any economy with a boom and bust, especially post-war and for a new country), there was panic. In this time of crisis,…

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  • Black Spiderman Analysis

    The lyrics that I chose from the song “Black Spiderman” by Logic are as followed, “...Everybody from my hood, everybody know I’m good. Sometimes I’m misunderstood but that’s just the uneducated that never related…”. The way that Logic is conveying his message through a song is one of the most powerful methods in this day and age. Most people on our planet listen to music, no matter age or where you come from. All Logic has to do is use the words people hear and see to draw in his audience. His…

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  • Black Freedom Struggle: The Integrationists And The Black Power Movement

    obtained in America, and the best way to achieve it was through non violent protesting. On the other hand the Black Power Separatists believed that Non violence would not work, and the only way to enact real change was to start a revolt against the United States. While the Integrationists and the Black Power separatists model of creating change remained contradictory to each other, the overall end goal of racial equality made it possible to create a strong, unified and successful black freedom…

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  • Tiananmen Square Massacre Research Paper

    The Tiananmen Square massacre resulted in the death of around two thousand Chinese citizens (Paxman 181). These students advocated for their right to vote in democratic elections and express their freedom of speech. However, the Communist government responded by sending tanks to slaughter the students gathered in Tiananmen Square. China then attempted to downplay the massacre in order to maintain “peace” among the citizens. Following the massacre at Tiananmen Square, the Communist government of…

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  • Analysis: The Shame Of Cities Vs. Honest Dishonest

    The Shame of Cities vs Honest Graft: The Location of Corruption The turn of the 19th century brought on a series of changes to various aspects of American life. The rise of industrial power drove national immigration and internal migration of rural farm families to growing American cities. The face of cities began to change from pure commerce to the hub of industrial power, business, and political dominance. With the rapid growth of the nation from all angles, however, the political…

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  • Hallway Hangers Vs Brothers Analysis

    Ain’t No Makin’ It’s groups of Hallway Hangers and Brothers each create their own informal social theories in their adolescence to prescribe the reasons behind their current circumstances, their aspirations, and the social structures that affect their lives. The Brothers’ social theory is largely in concert with the “achievement ideology” that dominates in the American psyche. This ideology assumes an almost complete meritocracy in American society where anyone can “make it,” i.e. live a…

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  • Charles Fourier: A Feminist Analysis

    The word “feminism” comes from the French word “feminisme”. This word originally came into circulation during the end of the 1800’s. However, the first documented use was by Charles Fourier in 1837. Fourier was a French philosopher, and, while he wished for an improved social status for women, he did not preach gender equality. The word “feminism” was brought to America by a French article written by Madeleine Pelletier. The article was In 1895, the Oxford English Dictionary provided society…

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  • The Crucible Public Opinion Analysis

    From Michael E. Huge, his article “Public Opinion” expresses how a socially acceptable ideas, or “Public Opinion”, sway scholars from looking in other directions in terms of fields. From the article, he says: “Bearing the dubious distinction of being one of the oldest, yet least understood, concepts in social science, public opinion continues to inspire and perplex scholars from communication and other fields”, which is the thesis for his essay. Starting Act one of The Crucible by Arthur…

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