Conservatism in the United States

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  • Of Patrick Allitt's The Conservatives: Ideas And Personalities Throughout American History

    In Patrick Allitt’s book “The Conservatives: Ideas and Personalities Throughout American History” there were several themes in the book regarding the rise (and ebb?) of conservativism in the United States. Dr. Allitt apologizes to the reader that his book was limited in its length and scope due to restrictions. One may suspect that major events like the era of Reagan conservativism could have consumed multiple chapters or volumes. Dr. Allitt provides to the reader numerous “snapshots” of…

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  • Polarization In America

    Fiorina provides the reader with a wide array of evidence to back up his claims that Americans are not polarized. In Chapter 2 Fiorina states four contributing factors that contribute to the myth of polarization. The first factor is that Americans are confusing closely divided with deeply divided. As Fiorina argues on page 15, voters are more likely, “ambivalent or uncertain.” The second…

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  • Conservative Political Theory

    the United States, liberals are alluded to as the left or left-wing and preservationists are alluded to as the right or conservative. On the U.s. political guide, blue speaks to the Democratic Party which by and large maintains liberal standards and red speaks to the Republican party. (Lyndon, 2005). Conservative is the furthest ideology from my beliefs, they are completely different. In the article Who We Are, the American Conservative states, “A people only begins to discover conservatism when…

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  • American Liberalism Ideology

    between socialism and conservatism. Although socialism and liberalism is on the left-wing, it does not mean that liberalism agrees with the socialist system. As much as our system of capitalism is full of faults, it does not mean I totally agree with the economic system of socialism. According to Amita Shastri, the socialist state “should own and manage all wealth” and “distribute it to employ everyone to satisfy their needs” (Shastri). With appropriate regulations, the liberal state can provide…

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  • 1960-1989 Political Policy Analysis

    In the time period of 1960-1989 political policy’s drastically changed and conservatism became extremely prominent. Factors that contributed to this change in politics included new social changes like the women’s rights movement, reaction to a large federal government, and the weakness of US foreign policy. During this time period military and foreign policy in the United States were viewed as weak. The Carter administration humiliated America and conservatives wanted to change that. During…

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  • Surge Of Ultra-Conservatism Analysis

    Surge of Ultra-Conservatism: The US Presidential Election and Citizenship President-elect Donald Trump’s victory was shocking to Americans, but the world community saw it coming from a mile away. The past year has been full of liberal democratic politics shifting to far right conservatism, such as with Trump’s presidential victory. Scholars such as Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner contribute that the surge of radical conservatism has in fact been the product of the “liberal democratic form…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Assassination Speech

    morals and getting his beliefs across. A major theme in this speech portrays and reflects a concern for the general direction of the nation in terms of foreign affairs at the time. Reagan weighs freedom and safety by comparing the liberty of the United States with “the ant heap of totalitarianism”. He uses this quote to paint his Democratic opponents, or the audience he wants to change, in a way that suggests that they have some form of weakness. Reagan asks “if his opponents would be more…

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  • The Rise Of Conservatism

    Traditional Values, Poverty, and The Rise of Conservatism The 1960s were a time of great social, economic, and political change in American society. Many social movements emerged that sought to end inequality and injustice through activism and protest but as Layman (1995) indicates, the changes “were often so dramatic that some feared for the American way of life.” These movements resulted in a breakdown of traditional values that created a state of discouragement in society and the decline of…

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  • Ronald Reagan Leadership Analysis

    With the talk about the upcoming presidential candidates, it is natural to look back at some of our nation’s best presidents to compare them to. One of the best and most admired presidents the United States has had is Ronald Reagan. The National Review (2015) looked back at Reagan’s presidency and why the example he set is still relevant to today’s world. Reagan “led a great American comeback” by revitalizing our military and restoring citizens’ American pride. He understood what Americans care…

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  • Psuedo-Traditional Conservatism Analysis

    that the United States is leaning towards the value of psuedo-traditional conservatism. In clearly defining why a use the predicate “psuedo”, I want to make clear that the definition of traditional conservatism is pretty much set. That is, a type of conservatism that promote historical dominate, religious values regarding lifestyle and personal behavior. By adding the predicate “psuedo” to it, I think that a good portion of people who claim to embrace the ideals of traditional conservatism…

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