Consequences of Teen Pregnancy Essay

  • Pros And Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    Teen pregnancy has been a health issue in America for years now. Even though there has been an overall decline in teenage pregnancy throughout the previous two decades, it seems as though there are still high numbers of teens who are engaging in intercourse and becoming pregnant whether it was an accident or unplanned. A key period of sexual exploration occurs during the adolescent phase and that is when many teens become sexually active. Although sexual intercourse is common in youths, a majority of sexually active teens wish they had waited until they were older. Teens become sexually active before they are fully aware of consequences. Studies have suggested that teenage pregnancy is influenced by educational and economic opportunities. It can be assumed that there is a lacking aspect in communication within society and teenage girls. Health literacy, social networks, media, health message campaigns, and the availability of health information are several factors of communication that could potentially be causing an increase in teen pregnancy. A majority of pregnant teenagers are not fully aware of the psychological and physiological consequences to becoming a mother. Teen mothers are more likely to drop out of school and remain a single parents. They have a higher risk for poor maternal weight gain along with a higher risk of maternal mortality. The pregnancies have a positive association with pregnancy-induced hypertension and anemia. Not only are there consequences for…

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  • Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    Teen Pregnancy Cierra Franklin English 102 Instructor Dr. Freeman July 26, 2010 Everyday young girls are faced with life changing decisions, whether or not to tell someone their pregnant or might be pregnant. Teens fear what others will say about them or how their family and friends will react to them being pregnant. What teens do not realize is by not seeking help or informing someone their pregnant, they place themselves and their children in harm’s way. Starting the moment…

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  • The Strategies And Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    The topic I chose to discuss is that of teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy during the year of 2012, there was over 100,000 babies that were born to adolescences between the ages of 15 to 19 years of age. Though the numbers may seem high it is actually a 6% drop from the previous year 2011. Teen Pregnancy is considered difficult due to the continuous pressure to not only fit in but to also identify with who you are. The scholarly article I selected discusses the necessity for teenagers (especially…

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  • Causes And Cons: The Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    Teen pregnancies should be avoided because it causes physical problems, emotional problems, and loss of teenagers own childhood .Statistics say thousands of teenagers in the U.S have unprotected sex each day. These Statistics is not only surprising, it is also preventable. Many teens are sexually active now in 2016 .More teens are having sex and not protecting themselves and if you don’t protect yourself there are lots of consequences like pregnancy . During the pregnancy of teenager…

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  • The Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    Teenage Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is something that affects over one million young teens in the United States. In the summer of July 1989, I became part of that statistic. I was only fourteen years of age when I learned, I was expecting my first child. For some, teen pregnancy is planned, and this would be my case. It wasn’t due to lack of knowledge, experimentation or the desire to be with multiple partners. No, it was simply out of spite. I thought, I was mature enough to take care of a child.…

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  • Teen Pregnancy: The Consequences Of Teen Birth Rates

    different than they used to be. In 1955 teen birth rates were higher than they have ever been at 980 of every 1,000 teens having children. These rates have gone down significantly since then to a shocking 59 as of 2010. It is safe to say that that is a major accomplishment for the United States. Sadly though, that is still a high amount of unplanned teen pregnancies that will cause quite an uproar. This uproar will consist of both judgement and unnecessary glorification. Teen pregnancy has…

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  • The Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy In The United States

    Due to differences of opinion on legal ages of consent by states legislations, there is an issue concerning the basis of equality established in every case involving statutory rape laws across the United States. Since the welfare reformation of 1996, teen pregnancy was targeted as a large contribution to the issue of having many welfare recipients. Officials agreed upon the enforcement of stricter statutory rape laws with the intent to potentially frighten older men from having relations with…

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  • Teen Pregnancy In Southeast Asia

    all know that teen pregnancy is not a new topic. This topic has been around for decades now. In the 1900s, marrying at a young age was a common practice because life efficiency was not so great. In addition, everyone depended on agriculture for a living. It was one of the foremost significant way to survive besides hunting. Therefore, with this in mind, marrying at a young age and having a big family meant being able to produce goods much faster and more efficiently. Having a big family, around…

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  • Teenage Pregnancy Bibliography

    Teenage pregnancy is a major problem in the United States as well as other developed countries. The problem, however, is more widespread in the U.S. than other industrialized nations. The U.S. experiences the highest number of teen births and parenting in the globe. The impact of this problem is quite far-reaching. The consequences of teen pregnancy include abortion, teenage parenting, and social, economic, medical, and educational difficulties for the victims. The problem does not affect the…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

    Teen pregnancy has become a major problem in the United States. This problem is usually based on young girls that are under the age of 20. Getting pregnant at an early age can affect the teen mother 's relationships with others and have a negative effect on their health and also the baby 's health. Many teens today are unaware of the dangers of unprotected sex. To bring another life into this world without proper care and attention is to no one 's advantage . Over the years, teen pregnancy rates…

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