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  • Result And Analysis: Politically Connected Firms

    were identified over a test period of the presidential election in 2014 as politically connected. Politically Connected Winning Firms Based on our data, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla as Koalisi Indonesia Hebat (KIH) are supported by four business conglomerate which are Edward Soeryadjaja (Astra Group), Robert Budi Hartono (Djarum Group) James Riady (Lippo…

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  • Personal Narrative: Changing The Landscape Of My Personal Beach

    Much like a mixture of sand, pebbles, and rocks creates a beach, my existence can be defined by a conglomerate of experiences, relationships, and ambitions. Grain by grain, year by year, I have amassed an identity of my own, starting from my memories and reaching out towards my expectations for the future. Even though each component contributes to my identity, with so few words I can only identify the rocks in my life and why they have dramatically changed the landscape of my personal beach.…

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  • Connection Between Food And Family

    Food is the foundation of our lives; it 's more than mere substance. Food provides us with nutrients, allows us to communicate with others. People can use food as a Segway to tell someone some important information. To tell them they love them, Tell them they want to business with them. There are so many facets of food that run so deep in our society as Americans. Whether that changes in other cultures, I 'm sure. But the connection between food and family is one that can always be made. If we…

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  • The Advent Of Peach People Analysis

    The Advent of Peach People—The New Minority within the Majority In an article by author Damon Young, titled “I Will Never Underestimate White Peoples Need to Preserve Whiteness Again,” Young discusses the inability of whites to “votes against their self-interest”—the preservation of “White Power.” Damon Young’s feature piece does what all journalistic mediums seems to do and generalizes a people as Donald Trump supporting Republicans. The feature neglects to mention…

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  • Media Convergence Analysis

    In the article “The cultural logic of media convergences,” Henry Jenkins argues that the meaning of media convergence cannot be simply defined as a development of technology that combines different types of media into one platform, and it is a process that created by media audiences’ desire for more entertainment and the cooperation among many media industries for fulfilling those audiences’ behavior. For a further understanding of convergence, Jenkins believes that it is a shift of culture that…

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  • Pest Analysis: Competitive Rivalry In The Advertising Industry

    TV and press) that normally spend costly compare to digital one. There were three types of existing companies competing each other; large-multi agency conglomerates (Omnicom and WPP), mid-sized and smaller boutique agencies, and specialist agencies (AKQA). By doing some research, they able to provide and create the digital media to be more advance, like AQKA offer and diversify mix of web (e.g. internet advertising/marketing…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Corporate Strategy

    to collusion in the industry and may further lead to fixing of prices. There is said to be a congeneric type of M&A when firms that offer similar services but not in same industry merge. Example is a bank and a leasing & Investment company. In conglomerate M&A, the parties involved are in different industry . Example is an oil producing firm and television station…

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  • The Kaapvaal Craton

    The basement rock of this group is granite that is nonconformably overlain by quartzite. A lava flow nonconformably overlies the quartzite and nonconformably underlies a layer of shale with interbedded conglomerates and sandstones, quartzite nonconformably overlies this. This is then nonconformably overlain by shale. The dolomite sequence that contains stromatolites conformably overlies the shale and the repetition of nonconformable successive sequences of…

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  • Essay On Kraft Cheddar Cheese

    Do you actually know where your food comes from? Your basic fruits and vegetables and meat does not automatically land in your lap or into the downtown supermarkets from just nowhere. As you would have guessed many of your fruits, vegetables, meats and grains come from hundreds of exports from many countries around the world. In the United States, to different types of agriculture and climate, it is hard to produce the hundreds of different food items that the world has introduced to the world.…

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  • Media Ownership

    Michael O’Rielly of the FCC, the Commission believes the overall media marketplace is more competitive and diverse than ever before and warrants reduced regulation. On the contrary, politicians and analysts have expressed that the rise of huge media conglomerates means the deprivation of diversity in newspapers and over the airwaves. Despite that, research suggests that media ownership, however unpleasant, does not necessarily diminish…

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