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  • Speech Recognition Research Paper

    text. Second controlling the computer, that is to develop such software that probably would be capable of authorizing a user to operate different applications by voice [1].some of them described below: 1. People with disabilities can benefit from speech recognition programs. Speech recognition is especially useful for people who have difficulty using their hands, in such cases speech recognition programs are much beneficial and they can be used for operating computers. Speech recognition is used…

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  • Importance Of Computer Security

    Computers have entirely changed the way we live, learn and work. People have now accepted the digital advanced technology and the Internet at a quicker rate than TV. Numerous homes and nearly all businesses own and operate more than one computer. We send and get a massive amount of email, balance our checkbooks and shop online for different products and services consistently with the use of these computers. Small organizations use computers and networks to stay connected with their clients,…

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  • Effects Of Computers In The Medical Field

    beings more than the computer. There cannot be any field devoid of the effect of computer applications ranging from education, agriculture, and security; computers play crucial roles in all sectors. According to Jerry Silva, the introduction of computers in the medical arena has brought about transformative effects on how medical practices are being conducted an on method of provision of health care, From medical procedures, patient diagnosis and administrative tasks, computers have simplified…

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  • Project Analysis: 04.4. Four Mechanical Designs

    The control unit of the project is an embedded system as it is embedded into a small circuit with a microcontroller. The software of the project is developed with the knowledge we gained from the software engineering course. The Arduino programming language used in the project is quite similar to C programming and Java programming. Those courses helped us to write the program for the project. The embedded systems…

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  • How To Prevent Identity Theft

    theft is increasingly on the rise because it is a convenient crime. This method of thievery is attractive to criminals because they can commit the crime leisurely within their home, car, the park, place of employment, or anywhere they can access a computer, laptop, or any other electronic device. According to, identity theft as crimes in which a person’s personal identity is illegally obtained and misused for criminal gain. Identity theft is not new; it has been around for a…

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  • Personal Statement: Why I Have Chosen Only Information Technology

    hardware and software. He is responsible for all the networking activities such as establishing and managing individual accounts within the organization and upgrading the software tools, task automation and backup. Information Technology (IT) means utilizing and managing the technology in order to solve problems. The “9” grand ideas of IT are algorithms, automation, information, interface, intelligence, cognition, complexity, and creation which are used to determine any aspect of Computer…

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  • Informatics: A Brief History Of Nursing Informatics

    A computer is defined as any programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data. The fundamental idea of computing developed back in the 1200’s to help solve problems with a series of written procedures. In the early 1640’s, a hand powered adding machine, the mechanical calculator was manufactured. In the 1800’s, Joseph-Marie Jacquard built a loom that was weaved by reading punched holes stored on a small sheet of hardwood and when plates were inserted and powered by water…

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  • Are We Too Dependent On Technology

    of it (Kirschner). Seclusion is more common since the invention of the computer and events such as the Y2K incident have occurred more frequently (Scherrer). Technology is continuously advancing, and as seen through the events of Y2K, people have become too dependent upon it. Y2K in the ‘90s was an event that caused fear and anxiety for many Americans because of the dependence upon technology. In the 1990s, computers were a piece of technology that were owned by few people but were…

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  • The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence (James Skipp)

    displaying this capability. Although many people may think of artificial intelligence as a thing of the distant future, we already use the technology behind artificial intelligence in various forms today. In its current form, AI technology relies on computers analyzing huge amounts of data to recognize patterns within. This general approach allows current AI to accomplish many different things including translation between languages, business and operations optimizations, the operation of…

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  • Importance Of MIS

    main reason behind the downward shift of the price of computer technology in relation to its performance in the past years including today’s time – data storage and data communications became essentially zero. This is important in the business school…

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