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  • Connected Car Industry: A Case Study

    can be secured. Automakers and tech companies will need to work together to secure these vehicle up and down the supply chain. Security, in effect, will need to be part of every vehicle’s design process. Cars in development will need to have their software routinely tested through known cybersecurity techniques and practices like pen-testing and bug bounty…

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  • Database Security

    Based on the three principles of computer security; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, they have clear relations to database management systems. Integrity and confidentiality is a major concern within database security since data is constantly being stolen leaving it unprotected…

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  • Divergent Thinking In Education

    of school for students is always hearing what the teachers says to be correct and incorrect, so then they can base their decision on the classroom standards . Guy M. Haas is is a researcher on curricula based on the introduction of computer programming, defines computer programming as the “descript[ion] of processes and procedures;” it also surrounds the “authoring of algorithms” (3). In schools, the creativity component of programming is not shown. As a result, there are job opportunities not…

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  • Computer Information System Progression

    Computer information system generates a system in organizations. It frequently termed Information Technology. Also, details organizations by knowing quite adequately how to improve the system. Promote the necessary system skills that encourage us. It is the best method to acquire knowledge of technology I collect from several career paths. Career paths that I continue taking computer information systems. Design systems solutions to maintain the organizational competence. Moreover, I ought to…

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  • The Importance Of The Internet

    It has transformed the way we seek out information. There is no more going to the library, and sifting through pages of encyclopedias. If we have a question we are unable to answer, or that someone else nearby cannot answer we simply need to type our question into a search engine. The phrase, "Google it." has become so common place that people do not think twice about the meaning behind it; a pronoun becoming a verb. Google alone has an estimated 55 billion web pages that it links to through…

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  • Synchronous Modes

    EVALUATION Heuristic #1 The use of synchronous modes of CMC like text-chat and instant messaging are not requirements but merely suggestions made in Baker, et. al. 2002. All four RVCS do not offer these types of synchronous modes within their environments. Hence, synchronous CMC must be done out of band. However, all four RVCS do require the group member to provide comments as to what edits and changes were made and their rationale upon checking the artifact back into the repository following…

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  • P3 Explain The Potential Risks Of E-Commerce Research Paper

    Hacking In computer interacting, hacking is any technical effort to operate the normal performance of network links and connected systems. A hacker is any person engaged in hacking. Today, however, hacking and hackers are most commonly associated with malicious programming attacks on the Internet and other networks. Hacking can lead to theft of important information which can be sold to other competitors. References: 2. Viruses Viruses and worms spread across computers…

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  • The RIP: Rest In Peace?

    and begin to input your information on a computer, BOOM! The doctors immediately begin to administer lifesaving treatment. A couple hours later you wake up in a daze wondering what happen. The doctor sits down and begins to tell you that you had a severe allergic reaction and without the proper treatment you would’ve been done for, this was all possible with the help of one simple program, referred to as the RIP. Used worldwide, the RIP is a medical computer program that intakes patient data and…

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  • Von Neumann Architecture And The EDVAC

    presented in a paper titled “First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC” by John von Neumann. The idea originated after John von Neumann joined a group of scientists who had detected a problem in the ENIAC’s functionality and wanted to keep developing computer technology after ENIAC’s success. The motive behind this investigation is revealed in a letter between Herman Goldstine and Col. Simon which identified the problems of the ENIAC. These problems were attributed to the task of building the ENIAC…

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  • I Robot Essay

    figure was that 7 percent said the use of mobile phones had caused them to lose a relationship or job.” There are a lot of similar examples. Like internet, according to “dollar amount of losses, by type of security crime, 2006-07”, published by computer security institute, total losses for 2007 are 66,930,950 dollars. In the article “does internet make you dumber?”, Nicholas Carr thinks that internet makes people…

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