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  • At Ole Miss The Tailgaters Never Lose Summary

    Edge wrote this article to persuade people to step outside their comfort zone try something new, like pig lips. He aimed at an audience of people who like to eat and test out different places. The article was first published in Oxford American magazine reaching different age groups, as well. Edge also wanted to teach the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Outback Steakhouse

    did not hear much, but the chefs and the waiters speaking faintly in the background. The music was also playing in the background. Our waitress was friendly and nice, but she was slow to our order. The chef seemed like he took his time to cook our food. The service was not that fast. The restaurant had an It had an Australian theme feel to it. There were kangaroos and painted on the wall.…

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  • Personal Essay: My Family Gumbo Poem

    This writer loves to eat different foods and enjoys experiencing the cultural tradition of each morsel as it excites my palette. For this discussion, I will share two of my favorites; lobster with drawn butter and gumbo. My family proudly declares they are from the south and cook with precision and care of a five-star chef. Part of the rich culinary tradition is our family gumbo recipe. My family origins are from South Carolina and Louisiana, and the combination of the regions can make a…

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  • My Definition Of Being Healthy

    definition of being healthy is keeping your body in the best shape you possibly can. A few things that I think are important when it comes to being healthy are; eating the right foods, being physically active, and being hygienic and proactive. I do not always eat the healthiest of foods, but I do limit the unhealthier foods. I also bicycle down my road whenever I can, as well as walking in the Tennessee parks with my friends. Physical activity comes in many shapes and forms, and I choose to…

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  • Odyssey Of Feast Analysis

    Food, Festive Events and Colors always make people think of and connect to laughers, happiness and joy. Once there is a saying “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the SAME THING!” The Odyssey of Feast showcases the joyful moments created by food and beverages in the 17th century with wide ranges of Still Life and Dutch Golden Age paintings. If you are looking for some Still-Life and Dutch Golden Age paintings, or you perceive yourself as a foodie. The Odyssey…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Dining Out Vs. Cooking From Home

    Dining Out Verses Cooking from Home When people are asked the question if they prefer fast food or cooking from home, most answer fast food without any hesitation. Many individuals prefer fast food rather than cooking from home because it is often more convenient for them. It is primarily those who are always on the go with busy jobs or busy lifestyles. Eating out does not involve any down time, cooking in the kitchen, or thinking if all of the ingredients are already in the kitchen. All of…

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  • Kiwis Research Paper

    weight one needs to undergo intense struggle, especially in order to get the desired results. This holds true particularly for the current generation that has learnt to laze, over the years. In this day and age, with unhealthy food options and a demeanour that oozes comfort over hard work, obesity does not feel like such a surprise anymore. Usually, whenever people decide to go with crash diet for losing weight without doctor’s prescription or supervision. This is incessantly unhealthy and…

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  • My Nutrition Log

    about what nutrition I am getting from the food I am eating. I will usually just put a frozen pizza in the oven or order one and have it delivered. I will usually start my day off healthy but slowly succumb to sugary and processed food by the end of the day. Being able to see what I consumed on a daily basis exposed me to how much processed food I eat and how much I eat throughout a single day. Once I saw how little vegetables and fruits and whole foods in general I wasn’t consuming, it made me…

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  • The Importance Of Rice In My Life

    The nightly ritual around the dinner table actsd as my anchor to even the craziest days. After eighteen years of eating rice, the food has become a sources of comfort; I love the taste of it, the smell of it cooking, it’s texture, and the way it mixes so well with any sauce or soup, spicy or sweet, salty or sour. When I’m traveling away from home, the familiarity of a good Chinese dish with rice…

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  • Anthony Bourdain Thesis

    Halles, French Bistro steakhouse in 1998. Bourdain’s career as a restaurant chef gave him credibility as a chef, a writer, and a television show star. He has written articles and books that legitimize him as a person you can trust when it comes to food. In 1997, Bourdain wrote a famous article called “Don’t Eat Before Reading This,” which gave a…

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