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  • A Road Trip Through The West Coast And The National Parks Of America

    one month, my family and I crossed 5 states in the West of the country and met very friendly, welcoming people. Here are some tips to plan an extraordinary road trip of yours, based on the story of our adventure. What? A road trip through the West Coast and the national parks of the United States of America, from San Francisco to Los Angeles How long? One month Which itinerary? San Francisco, California – Yosemite National Park, California - Las Vegas, Nevada – Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About Joining The Coast Guard

    A huge life changing event for me was join the U.S. Coast Guard at age 18, right after I had just completed one semester at the Santa Rosa Junior College. I was a young adult thinking that I was ready to life on my own, that I was matured enough to survive on my own. That was extremely wrong in every possible way. From the first day of basic training to the first day in the fleet, was a major shift in my life. This decision to join the service was all voluntary and I knew to some extent what was…

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  • Case Study: West Coast Hotel Co. V. Parrish

    In West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish, the court applied this rational basis standard and questions liberty of contract. “The Constitution does not speak of freedom of contract. It speaks of liberty and prohibits the deprivation of liberty without due process of law… Liberty under the Constitution is thus necessarily subject to the restraints of due process, and regulation which is reasonable in relation to its subject and is adopted in the interests of the community is due process” (West Coast…

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  • CPOA Reflection

    visitation from a former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPO-CG), stress management, and the intermediate ropes enriched our leaders. It is in the unexpected that great things happen. An unexpected visitation from the former MCPO-CG Vince Patton, on a day that changed lives in the Coast Guard and the world. MCPO-CG was on base for the 9-11 memorial telling a story of how a church cleanup changed the idea of what the Coast…

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  • Hip Hop Style Analysis

    Rappers today all have, or should have, their own unique style. If not their own unique style, they should come with their own sound, look, and background. For example, five names which I selected tend stand out among others in the Hip-hop community. These names being: Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Eminem. Drake, a Canadian rapper-singer, is currently one of the highest selling artists today. His style and pop-rap sound has found a way to produce hit after hit. Future is a southern…

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  • Case Study: The Maritime Enforcement Specialist

    Although many MEs screened positively, the ME AO still received unrealistic E-resumes with no DSF selections. There is currently no incentive for MEs to request DSF assignment or reward to maintain their qualifications at multiple DSF units. The Coast Guard must create DSF duty points for the service wide exam (SWE). 2. Assignment to a DSF unit represents the highest level of proficiency, operational…

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  • Personal Statement Of Leadership In The Chief Petty Officers Academy

    be.” That simple statement resonated with me, and from that moment forward I was all in. I like to think that I did put my full effort into the class, and I will most certainly take away plenty from this experience as I move forward in my life and Coast Guard career. With that being said, simply learning the material is not enough. To quote the Leadership Development Framework (Leadership Development Framework 2-3), “It is important that you incorporate newly acquired skills into current…

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  • Sumner Kimball

    visionary leader. He established and championed a simple yet revolutionary plan for developing the country’s professional maritime lifesaving service. According to the book The U.S. Lifesaving Service (Heroes, Rescues, and Architecture of the early Coast Guard) by Ralph Shanks “he was concerned with acquiring quality personnel, building new stations nationwide, and improving rescue equipment.” I am going to describe how he accomplished these ideals utilizing a transformational leadership…

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  • Hurricane Katrina Report

    For instance, among the many agencies one that stood out the most was the coast guard. This agency managed to rescue around 34,000 people in need during this tragic time (A&E Television Network, 2014). This was indeed an important thing during this time, they managed to show people that they were there to help and because of the…

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  • The Relationship Between Gender And Stress Levels

    The transition from high school to postsecondary education can be a stressful time for students. Many try their best at maintaining all their responsibilities as a student including their social, professional and academic lives. Students attending universities often report being overwhelmed or overly stressed, ranging from moderate to severe stress that can be difficult to deal with (Sax, 1997). In past studies, researchers believed that both men and women have differences in the way they deal…

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