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  • Kuyichi Marketing Strategy

    Product Vision Vision Statement Meaningful clothing built for our future. Mission Statement Improving the clothing industry by correcting the ethical and environmental mistakes that so many companies have made. Goals & Objectives Short Term Goals 1. Gain North American brand recognition within 2 years. 2. Recover expense within the first year. Long Term Goals 1. Have a presence over all of the US and Canada, with at least 5 retail stores in all states and provinces. 2. Establish partnerships…

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  • Material Culture Paper

    Our culture is heavily influenced by the material objects in our world, and it has affected the social groupings in our society. While observing people I realized that material culture has heavily impacted the way people come together. A prominent piece of material culture that has been valued in our society and has lead people to become one is fashion brands. I discovered that clothing brands were a recurrent theme in specific friend groups. A few of the major brands that were very noticeable…

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  • Ancient Egypt Clothing Essay

    In Ancient Egypt, clothing was made out of countless different fabrics and materials for different reasons; they used fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, silk, loincloth, and leather. Some clothing articles worn by the Ancient Egyptians consisted of robes, shirts, aprons, sashes tunics, and loincloths.Since Egypt’s climate has hot summers and mild winters they wore clothes made of light plant fibers, mostly linen. Linen was made by spinning or weaving flax which were both a tedious processes.…

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  • Goals Of Phase One Essay

    prototype and to work out all of the kinks with our design. Past, Present, and Future Technology (Kaley Barnes): The pas of the modern day sweatshirt and athletic attire is very interesting. In the 1960s, athletic clothing was usually made of cotton. Because it was made of cotton, the clothing was extremely heavy compared to modern day athletic wear. Cotton is not the best fabric for athletes because it does not absorb sweat unlike lycra, which is what modern athletic wear consists of. However,…

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  • Disadvantages And Competitive Advantage Of Just In Time

    dealing with inventory and production planning by using a process called just-in-time or JIT production. To get into it a bit and explain exactly what just-in-time means is to keep or have just enough inventory, whether it be finished products or raw materials, on hand and available to comply with how much demand you have for your production process and also the demands of the final customer. Its not to have anything more than that, or anything less. When your products are prepared and ready to…

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  • Im2 Unit 2 Assignment

    pour the blended raw materials. Light Weight Experiment (Experiment design and hypothesis) I started my light weight experiment at my own place. I bought a different bag for compost and for 3 days I did not throw any scrap food in trash. My scrap food consisted of Pizza, old pasta, fruits, tea leaves, banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds. I did put all that material in a strong blender and blended it till it became fine. The last step was that I spread all the raw material in my garden…

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  • Elsa Schiaparelli

    war and simplicity is what differentiated her from other designers in the 20’s and 30’s, even Chanel her biggest competitor her as “Italian artist who makes clothes’ 3. Historical Happenings: Schiaparelli also experimented with lots of different materials like thick square nickel buttons, black shield shaped clips, copper slides and elastic insets in skirts. Some of her famous designs include: • Scarf neck sweater (1927) • Wrap dress (1930) • Glass cape…

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  • Sustainable Fashion: The Emergence Of Sustainable Development

    However, the exploitation of sustainable fashion development methods and processes is relatively expensive as compared to fast fashion. Actually, sustainable fashion is generally more expensive as compared to clothing created through the use of traditional methods. The increased costs of sustainable fashion are largely attributed to the focus on lessening detrimental effects in the development, production, and shipping of fashion products. This focus increases…

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  • The Influence Of Clothing In China

    history is imprinted in the clothing. Depending on one’s political and economic status, the distinction between the different styles of clothing existed not only throughout the dynasties but many times through the dynasty itself. The Chinese resume the necessities of life within four words: clothing, food, habitation and transportation. Clothing is placed first for the Chinese, which represents the most important part of one’s daily routine. The characteristics of Chinese clothing can be resumed…

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  • Caterpillar: Remanufacturing A Win-Win Situation

    remanufactured products cheaper, companies reduce their costs and they earn more and the environment benefits.” That said, remanufacturing can support all the three basic pillars of Sustainable Development (Environmental, Economic, Social). Saves material and energy resources while reduces wastes and emissions (Environmental), generates wealth and cutting costs (Economic), remanufactured products are cheaper for costumers, while new occupations and scientific fields are created (Social).…

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