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  • A Few Good Men Fight Scene Analysis

    The movie scene opens with a close-up shot focusing on the bold words March 9th, 1852 “Gold Coin Fifty Day Robbing Spree”, the camera slowly zooms out, having the picture focus perfectly on a gentleman’s frown. Reaching for his freshly poured water the man crumbles the newspaper fast out of frustration. Detective Henry Goober hasn’t received much sleep since the day he almost caught Gold Coin. The camera cuts to the train moving fast in motion with scenery of mountains off in the distance. The…

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  • Atonement Film Analysis

    cottage. This cottage becomes symbolic of Robbie’s hope to return home and return to Cecilia. In Dunkirk in which there were evacuations back to England, Robbie lights a match which reveals a close up shot of the image of the cottage given to him by Cecilia, along with a bundle of letters from her. There is then a close up shot of the light from the match flickering on Robbie’s face which gradually goes out. The last flashback within part two, occurs at this point and is in the form of a…

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  • American History X Film Analysis

    flashback Tony also uses the close up shot used very effectively in the scene where Derek is making the black guy put him mouth on the kerb. By using this shot Tony Kaye was able to show the audience the emotion of the black guy. In the close up of the mans face we can see that he is clearly scared because Derek has a gun to his head and that he has his mouth on the kerb. We also see a worried look on the man’s face as he doesn’t know what is going to happen. This close up gives the audience…

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  • Lessons Of Darkness Film Analysis Essay

    The film that I have chosen to analyze is Lessons of Darkness by Werner Herzog. I chose this film because I really enjoy Herzog’s film style, and I also enjoy how he uses specific shots and scenes to portray how he is against the gruesome nature of war and attacks. In this film, I have chosen two sequences where I believe that Herzog is trying to get his point across of the violence that come from war. For example, as Herzog uses the first sequence of the birds, to the bones of the dead, to the…

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  • An Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Film Rope

    We have both men in close proximity to the victim. One is holding him from behind, while the other is strangulating him. The image following it adds to this, as both Brandon and Phillip cram David into the chest. They both are heaving looking simultaneously relieved and excited…

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  • Iphone 6s Advertisement Analysis

    Advertisements in modern media strive towards not only selling a product, but making it emotionally appealing to the audience as a means to attach the product with desire. This longstanding tactic has been used by big companies, like Apple, to sell medicore products. Advertisement directors have taken notice that smartphones have created this utopia effect on millennials - creating a bubble of comfort in a portal metal box that tells them whatever they want, whenever they want. It creates a cave…

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  • Unit 3 Exercise 1 Stand-Ups Case Study

    EXERCISE 1 As Wenger and Potter (2015) assert, “stand-ups can serve several functions, so it’s important to know in advance what you’re trying to accomplish with an on-camera segment” (p. 284). Personally, I would need to prepare myself thoroughly and conduct some research of my own to learn more about the topic at hand. My goal as a reporter is to establish credibility on the subject and be able to project confidence to the audience (Wenger and Potter, 2015). According to Wenger and Potter…

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  • Janet Frame's Lifecycle In An Angel At My Table

    in succession. This paragraph is done with a close-up shot. When the children answer the teacher questions, shot two switches to Janet until the teacher called out her name. Janet is usually low head embodies the state of her embarrassment and unprepared. She has the explosive yellow hair, face with besmirch, also wearing the sweater looks dirty. The teacher with a steel drum walked beside Janet, let everybody vomit chewing gum. This is a still use close-up lens, but also to use mobile lens,…

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  • Antiheroism In Film

    As a last point, the subsequent paragraphs will look closer once more and résumé why in particular and in which parts of their journey the three main characters of the analysed movies can be considered antiheroes, what their lives as losers have in common, and why the viewer can relate to them. Especially at the beginning of the films, one can detect a great amount of obvious features that can be subsumed under the category ‘antihero’ such as Lester’s clumsiness, Frank’s business suit that makes…

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  • Dark Shadows Scene Analysis

    a centred close up camera shot of Carolyn closing their house doors building the tension of the audience as if there was going to be a war between the family and Angie, knowing that she wouldn’t take the deal. As the scene carries on there are a lot of over the shoulder camera shots between Angie and Barnabas as he strangles her. These camera shots display to the audience the emotion of each character as the scene plays out between them.…

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