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  • Descriptive Essay Homeless

    That moment you see somebody and your entire body and soul goes into a state of pure bliss is the feeling I get when I look into the eyes of the man I love. Those eyes that sit at a light shade of brown, the shade of brown that reminds me of a dirty beach. Looking past the dirty light brown beach you see the magnificent ocean, views that are absolutely breathtaking, the open ocean brings the feeling of peace, as if there are no problems in the world. When I look into his eyes an overwhelming…

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  • Ellis Island: A Short Story

    with red writing that said New York Newspaper. The walls was a cream colored like sand, the wood creaked as we walled down this hallway. We finally came to a room that said Mr. Garret. The room was kinda small but cozy, he told me to sit in the dark brown leather seats. “ do you want any coffee or water, “ no thank you” I polity said. It was a dead silence until I broke it “ what am I doing here”, “ We have been trying to get somebody that went through Ellis Island so we can get gist of…

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  • Ethnography: Einstein Bros. Bagels In The Trojan Center

    scheme of Einstein’s as it makes you feel right at home. It has some type of light yellow walls with a mixture of light green. The main counter is a soft brown with a small circular design at the top accented with black paint. The tables and chairs accent the shop well; the chairs are painted some kind of grayish green and the tables are a light brown. I believe the owners of the store had planned the color the way they did because they want people to feel at home and stay a while.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Playing Basketball

    Flowing cherry blossom petals are telling the end of spring. I was a middle school student in Japan who did not have any interest in playing sports. It was about lunch time, and everyone was eating lunch. I was eating my lunch and thinking what I am going to do for the rest of the lunch time. After I ate my lunch, I begun to walk around the campus of Oyaba middle school, the school that I spent two years of my precious adolescence, and I saw my friends, Shugo and Takumi, playing basketball at…

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  • Populism In The Gilded Age Essay

    To what extent were the Populists of the late 1800s a liberal movement? Focus of Editing: Passive tense and Word Choice In the Gilded Age, as in any American political era, two polar views of the government 's role and power existed, conservatives and liberals. During the Gilded age, conservatives, then called classical liberals, held a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals, including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets, as well as limited…

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  • The Presidency And The Presidency

    The Presidency, debatably one of the most successful American experiments to date. Over 200 years ago 55 delegates came together to write the Constitution that our country uses to this today. They debated and discussed how our nation would run, who had power and how much, how to maintain a fair and balanced government, and they outlined each branch. Article two describes the role of the President and the powers that are bestowed onto him; however, article two is significantly shorter than…

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  • Shoeless Joe Jackson In The 1920's

    history there have been athletes known for key attributes. In Jackson's case it was his natural hitting ability. Too this day Jackson holds the batting average for a player in the rookie season. In 1911 Jackson was traded to the cleveland Naps known now as the Cleveland Indians and recorded the best rookie batting average of all time at .408. Jackson continued to record outstanding amazing batting averages throughout his career. If Jackson had not been banned from the 1920s he would have gone…

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  • Benjamin Harrison Outline

    Harrison. He was born on August 20, 1833, in North Bend, Ohio. He came from a prominent Virginia family and was the grandson of U.S. President William Henry Harrison. Harrison was elected to the presidency in 1888, ousting Grover Cleveland. He lost the presidency to Cleveland a tumultuous four years later. Harrison died at his home in Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 13, 1901.The Harrisons were among the First Families of Virginia, with roots stretching back to Jamestown. Benjamin was a…

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  • Eugene Victor Debs: The Bending Cross

    CHILDREN IN the United States are routinely taught that Abraham Lincoln of Illinois freed the slaves. But few children learn that Eugene Victor Debs of Indiana devoted his life to ending wage slavery. Ray Ginger’s wonderful biography of Debs—The Bending Cross—first published in 1949, and reprinted by Haymarket Books in 2007—introduces readers to a working-class hero as well as a period of immense struggle from below often treated as a footnote in most U. S. histories. Some of Debs’ contemporary…

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  • The Triangle Has To Go Analysis

    Another NBA season is rapidly drawing to a close and two sounds can be heard: Carmelo Anthony’s title window slamming tighter shut, and New York sports fans turning their attention to baseball. With the Knicks wallowing in yet another season of going nowhere, what can be done to fix the franchise moving forward? 1. Pick A New Shape, The Triangle Has To Go It started off so well. Everyone was completely on board. All those rings, the connection to the glory days, the zen calm and peace after…

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