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  • New Regulations Don 't Clear All The Hurdles For Pot Dispensaries

    Title/Source/Evaluation: The article I chose for this assignment is New Regulations Don’t Clear All the Hurdles for Pot Dispensaries” (Dolan2015). This article was written by Maura Dolan and published in the Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles Times has won more than 40 Pulitzer Prizes and has been in circulation for more than 100 years. The paper has been known to have a liberal slant, but that does not seem to be an issue in this story. Maura Dolan graduated from UC Berkley with degrees in…

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  • How Does Your First Body Paragraph Make A Clear Logical Argument

    THESIS STATEMENT: Is it clear, sharp and concise? Does it outline the paper’s structure? Does it take a clear stance? Briefly discuss its strengths and weaknesses, and score it out of 10. The thesis statement is not clear, sharp or concise. Remember, your thesis statement is the last sentence of your first paragraph. Your thesis statement needs to include your main points of your argumentative essay. Also, it needs to include your stance. If you add these things, it will improve your thesis…

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  • Iodine Test

    INTRODUCTION The objective of this experiment was to group a variety of samples of matter into subcategories of different macromolecules, which were determined by the use of various tests, as well as designated negative and positive control samples. Chemical samples may be experimentally identified as specific macromolecules through treatment with Benedict’s solution, the iodine test, or the Biuret test; each, when positive, identifying reducing sugars, starch or glycogen, and protein,…

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  • Descartes Arnauld's Argument Analysis

    that conclusion. For Arnauld, Descartes is using God’s existence to prove that clear and distinct perceptions are true, despite having used clear and distinct perceptions to prove God’s existence. In this essay, I will argue that Descartes does not engage in circular reasoning, but that Arnauld’s objection is justifiable and calls attention to the dubiousness of Descartes’…

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  • Enzyme Lab Report Essay

    Introduction Enzymes are proteins that are biological catalysts that increases the rate of chemical reactions (JRank Articles). With the use of enzymes it can accelerate certain reaction rates at a faster past then if the reaction was moving at it natural speed (JRank Articles). The activity of enzymes are control by many things like environment, inhibitors, and regulatory binding sites that happens on the enzyme(JRank Articles).The overall reaction in the natural setting which was the basic…

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  • Punishment Imperative Analysis

    McBride 1 Daniel McBride May 9, 2016 SOC 345 Final Paper 1. How has the punishment imperative led to racial disparities in incarceration rates? In the Punishment Imperative, by Todd R. Clear and Natasha A. Frost, the authors describe many instances where racial disparities led to the increase in incarceration rates. At first, the author starts out by telling the reader that it mainly began when the government began to target drug offenses and offenders. The punishment imperative targeted mainly…

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  • Macromolecules Lab Experiment

    Reducing sugars are sugars that are oxidised and lose electrons (Simoni, Hill, & Vaughan, 2002). For this test, a solution that produced a yellow to red precipitate indicates it is positive. In contrast, if the solution is negative it will remain a clear blue solution or have a dark brown precipitate (Daniels, Rush, & Bauer, 1960). In addition, the positive control was the 1% glucose solution. Once again, the negative control that was used was distilled water for the same reasons expressed…

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  • Why Is The Vietnam War Successful

    one can still find problems faced then in today’s conflicts. In the beginning of Afghanistan and Iraq there was a clear and concise objective. This is why the initial invasions of both were successful. Fast forward a few years and both places are showing signs of failures like those during Vietnam. Figure 4-1 of the ADRP 3-0 lists principles of joint operations. The first one is clear and concise guidance with a defined objective (ADRP 3-0, figure 4-1). In the beginning of the…

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  • Descartes Theory Of Causality

    of causality is true before proving that he can trust his clear and distinct perceptions? Descartes, after the sixth meditation, has reached the conclusion that he can indubitably know that he, as well as a separate physical world, exists. Although, some steps of his argument seem to be flawed. Before reaching…

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  • Essay On Community Justice

    Conclusion Clear and Karp determined that as communities begin to implement guidelines that seek to reduce crime and enhance the community, rather than focusing solely on immediate issues, there may be an opportunity to increase community confidence. Ultimately, Clear and Karp conclude that there is no “final resolution” (Clear & Karp, 1999, p. 2). What the authors attempt to accomplish with this text is to encourage the reader to consider the community justice ideal, and how it might be…

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