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  • How Music Affects Your Life

    ones that inspire us, reflect who we are today. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a place where I love to go and explore. My art history class helped me love art more. My favorite painting there is by an Impressionist artist named Claude Monet. His “Rouen Cathedral: The Portal (Sunlight)” has so much history and geniuses behind it. Monet made twenty-four of the same painting at different times of the day. Monet loved to paint in the moment and he went to a room each day and…

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  • Impression Sunrise By Georges Seurat Analysis

    The four painters I am choosing to discuss are: Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh. Claude Monet was a famous French painter born on November 14, 1840(“Claude Monet”). His painting style centered more on light and form than realism, and was called impressionism. Monet showed an interest in drawing at an early age. He drew caricatures of his teachers. Eugene Boudin introduced him to painting outdoors which contributed greatly in Monet’s work. He was known…

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  • Claude Debussy Essay

    Claude Debussy was born on August 22, 1862, in France. Debussy and his parents lived in a very poverty stricken suburb in Paris. By the age of nine, Claude’s gift of being a pianist began to show; and a female Russian millionaire, Nadezha Filaretovna von Meck, persuaded Debussy to play duets with her and her children. After accepting her offer, Claude Debussy began to travel with the woman all throughout Europe during the summer; time that he was not in school at the Conservatory. While in Paris…

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  • Art Analysis: Charming The Animals By Albert Cuyp

    Albert Cuyp was a Dutch painter who painted the Charming the Animals. As I walked on the second floor in the Dutch room at Yale Art Gallery in New Haven, I saw a beautiful painting hanging against the wall that quickly caught my attention. This is an landscape painting. As you see the painting, you see varieties of different animals and a guy sitting in the middle of the painting. This painting was lent by the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterlo collection. The material used for this painting is the…

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  • The Impressionist Movement: Edgar Degas And Mary Cassatt

    The Impressionist Movement: Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt Throughout history, art has acted as a medium of expression for many of the political and social issues that surrounded the artists. Artworks inspired new art movements, and other times it was the political and social circumstances that brought on a new range of artists and styles. The 19th century moved through many art movements, but one that dominated most of the late 19th century was Impressionism. Impressionism was an art style that…

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  • Oedipus And The Sphinx Analysis

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds some of the most influential and historic art work. One famous painting, Oedipus and the Sphinx by Gustave Moreau was created in 1864. Gustave Moreau was a French painter born on April 6, 1826 and died on April 18, 1898. His painting, Oedipus and the Sphinx is 6′ 9″ x 3′ 5″ in dimension and the medium used was oil paint on canvas. His famous painting was first exhibited at the French Salon of 1864 and has became a successful piece to this day and was the…

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  • Salvador Dali Outline

    III When it came to the Surrealist movement in art, the leader of that movement was more easily identifiable. It was Andre Breton, who also found fame later as a French poet. Yet when one mentioned Surrealism in art, the first name that came to the minds of most art critics and students of art history was that of Salvador Dali, not Andre Breton. This was an ironical state of affairs because Andre Breton and the Surrealists had formally expelled Salvador Dali from their art movement in 1939.…

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  • Portal Of Rouen Cathedral In Morning Light Analysis

    The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light Claude Monet’s The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light is one of a series of thirty paintings of the Rouen Cathedral that Monet produced from 1892-1894 (Harris, Beth, and Steven Zucker. “Monet, Rouen Cathedral Series.”). The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light was acquired by The J. Paul Getty museum in 2001 and is on display as a part of their permanent exhibit on Impressionism in The Getty Center (“The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in…

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  • Pierre Auguste Renoir Impressionism

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir Do you know what impressionism means? A lot of artists are Impressionists, which developed in the 1960s in Paris. It is a style of painting mainly with French artist. Impressionist painting seeks to recreate the artist’s or viewer’s observation of a scene. It characterized by outlines from small brushstrokes of different colors. In impressionist paintings, pastel colors are frequently used. One of a popular impressionist painter is Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who is best known…

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  • Henry Farrer Winter Scene In Moonlight Analysis

    John Farrer Winter Scene in Moonlight Visual Research Project Monica Whitney CREA 232 Art from the Fifteenth Century Professor Stavros March 22, 2015 Winter Scene in Moonlight is Henry Farrer’s first known watercolor painting. This painting was painted in 1869 and can be found at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Henry Farrer used techniques from the Pre-Raphaelite Association to paint this drawing. This watercolor painting is of a…

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