Clark's Nutcracker

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  • Coevolution: On The Origin Of Species

    (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus), and the Clark 's nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana). The interaction between these three species is complex, with selective pressures on each species affecting the others. The limber pine and the American red squirrel participate in a predator/prey interaction, with the red squirrel preying upon the seeds dropped by the limber pine. In reaction to this limber pine populations in areas with red squirrels developed larger cones, with more scales and fewer seeds (Benkman). In area where squirrels are absent limber pines produce cones smaller scales and twice as many seeds (Benkman). However, this also makes it more difficult for Clark’s nutcracker, the limber pines primary seed disperser, to harvest seeds. The relationship between the limber pine and the Clark’s nutcracker is mutualistic with each gaining benefit from the other. The relationship between the American red squirrel and Clark’s nutcracker is one of interspecific competition for the same resource, namely the pine seeds. Clark’s nutcrackers generally harvest seeds from cones before they drop from the tree, but when the American red squirrel is present, the selective pressure it exerts upon the cones decreases the nutcrackers’ effectiveness, resulting in a greater number of dropped cones(Benkman, Siepielski). This increases the viability for dispersal by scatter-hoarding rodents, though the area of dispersal is much smaller in comparison to the nutcracker (Benkman, Siepielski). This…

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  • Holiday Concert Report Sample

    including jeans, t-shirts, etc. Because this was a Holiday Concert, there were many people of the audience dressed in Christmas themed outfits, such as Santa hats. The Temple Symphony Orchestra performed many different compositions from several eras ranging from 1685-1999. The orchestra began the concert performing several compositions and songs such as the Nutcracker Suite (1892), Waft her Angels Through the Skies from Jeptha HWV 70 (1751), I Saw Three Ships/Jennette Isabella, and Cantique de…

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  • The Evil Ballet: Von Rothbart's Swan Lake

    Kaylea Erwin Von Rothbart’s evil spell Swan Lake ballet happened to be Tchaikovsky’s first ballet that he had ever done, and which is turned out to be one awesome ballet. Swan Lake was a timeless and outstanding story that has magic, romance, and tragedy all into four different acts of the show. Prince Siegfried was the swan princess who was named Odette. Odette enjoyed her days as a swan swimming by the lake that was full of tears under the spell of sorcerer. As it is in most fairy tail…

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  • Tchaikovsky Themes

    theatre, conducted by E.F. Napravnik, my 1 August 1891, Jurgenson. 2-Ballets 1876 Swan lake ballet in four acts, op.20. Libretto by B.V. Begichev l, and V.F.Geltser. Composed Aug 14 1875 to April 10 1876 , commissioned by Imperial theatres, first performed February 20 1877, Moscow. Bolshoi theatre, produced by Reisinger , conducted by S.J. Ryabov, published July 1895, Jurgenson. 1889 Sleeping beauty ballet, three acts, with prologue( five scenes) op.66, Libretto by M.I.Petitpas and…

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  • Piotr Tchaikovsky Analysis

    The title of the dance that I watch from is called Piotr Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker. The name of the choreography is Vasily Vainoneon, The conductor 's name is Valery Gergiev and the stage and costumes are made by Benjamin Tyrrell. The source of the music was astonishing to listen throughout the concert. The music helps the dancers to flow within each stride of the beat is brought out. There is about thirty to forties dancers on stage. Some of the dancers, are young children’s of…

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  • Danielle Copeland: Magic World Of Ballet

    Misty Danielle Copeland was born on September 10, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri. Even though she was born in Kansas City, she was raised in San Pedro, California. Misty was very late in starting ballet studies, but it didn’t stop her. Usually, ballerinas start studying when they are three or four, but Misty was thirteen when she took her first ballet class. When she unlocked the magical world of ballet, Misty was coping with the fact she was living in a shabby motel room with her five siblings…

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  • Gymnosperms Research Paper

    Not only, then, is an understanding of such relationships enlightening in terms of the so-called gymnosperm “persistence”, but also in regards to developing efficient conservation strategies. Roles in the ecosystem As mentioned previously, plant interactions allow for a greater understanding of the importance of a species in an ecosystem. Because conifers are keystone species, community ecology tends to focus on this group of Angiosperms. A staple example can be found in Lanner’s (1996) book,…

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  • Eagle Mountain Journey

    us were too committed and excited to turn back now. We parked our cars at the Summit Trail trailhead in Patterson Campground around 8a.m. to the sound of hunters shooting for game. While there, we checked and rechecked our backpacking gear, making sure that the emergency satellite phone was charged. Then, we started on the well-marked Summit Trail from Patterson Campground to start of the Eagle Peak ascent. The trail is meandering and lush, with flora such as the shimmering golden Quaking…

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  • Why Do We Deserve Animals Rights

    apes showed a trait of sense of humor, in the wild have been recorded to taunt tiger cubs by pulling their ears, tails and patting them, chimpanzees have a complex communication amongst each other, although they can’t verbally communicate, they do it through sign language, elephants are emotional creatures, they grief for a long period of time when a member from their herd dies, also they would feed and wait for crippled herd members showing empathy, dolphins which were recovering from illness…

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