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  • Amazing Grace Movie Analysis

    1. Briefly describe what the film is about and the argument that makes it. The film Amazing Grace is about abolishing the slave trade in Britain in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The efforts to convince the British Parliament to abolish the slave trade are led by the heroic character William Wilberforce. Arguments in this film become heated in the courtroom between Wilberforce and Toby Jones, along with many others. The events leading up to this victory were neither easy nor short. The…

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  • Dunkirk Movie Themes

    With Dunkirk Christopher Nolan has reached new heights of filmmaking and he seems to have employed a whole new set of techniques. Gone is the dialogue and one-liners that we associate with Hollywood. No famous Hollywood stars (with a couple of exceptions) are present either. Speaking of stars, the director focuses on the anonymity of a few people, without revealing their names most of the time. And if you expect to watch a war film like Saving Private Ryan you will be disappointed. According to…

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  • Fatherly Figures In Tim Burton's Films

    Chocolate Factory, Burton includes front lighting on Charlie which showcases his innocence, unlike the other children. Burton also uses side lighting of Augustus and Veruca to help express their obnoxious personalities. The inclusion of these lighting techniques illustrates Burton’s opinion that it is okay to be different. In Alice in Wonderland, Burton includes low angles of Alice as well as high angles of most of the other characters. The low angle of Alice makes her stand out, which…

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  • Cinematic Themes In Hollywood Movies

    around it. This was most defiantly a dark comedy with death being celebrated and the overall darker themes that were present in this movie. 3. This movie was a lot darker than most films you see coming out of Hollywood. It also used different cinematic techniques such as the presence of over head shots to bring a different perspective to the scenes. 4. This film lacked the clarity that is in most Hollywood films there was a lot of ambiguity thru out…

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  • Analysis Of Life Among The Undead

    the exemplary depiction of vampires. Jordan supports his ideas by explaining the film’s female writer exploring a previously unknown viewpoint, the human emotion subtext in the perfectly cast characters, the cinematic experiment with jumping around in time and state-of-the-art filming techniques, and the comparison to the Twilight series’ teenage love story. The purpose of this magazine interview is to show that Jordan’s previous directing experience…

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  • Everything Bad Good For You Analysis

    revolutionized over the years and have incorporated a large variety of visual and story line detail, in which viewers are far more intellectually challenged. There is no surprise that modern films have evolved an infinite amount of action compared to older cinematic films. Universal Horror films evolved between the 1920s through the 1950s. This involved incredible science fiction and horror films produced by Universal Studio Productions such as Frankenstein and Dracula to name a few. Over the…

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  • An Accented Film Summary

    diegetic characters as from the displacement of the filmmakers’ and their artisanal production modes’(Naficy 2001:4). Therefore, Films that are produced by the exile and diasporic filmmakers’, largely, manifest significant similarities, at levels of technique, style, aesthetics and ideology - in the production of their films. The “accented cinema” encompasses all the films that are produced by accented filmmakers’ who hail from of exilic, diasporic and postcolonial ethnic, in short, the…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock's Film 'Shadow Of A Doubt'

    An audience attending a Hitchcock film is required to do much more than eat popcorn and drink soda! A Hitchcock film immerses the audience within the action of the film using stylistic and cinematic elements, such as: camera placement, editing, point of view, subjectivity and objectivity, all working together in ways that help to evoke certain emotions, while also provoking certain questions, making you wonder just what in the world Hitchcock is going to do next? In 39 Steps, one can see the…

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  • Iran New Wave Analysis

    amidst an atmosphere of state repression. The latter part of the essay will then be used to identify the similarities that can be drawn between the films of Iranian New Wave and those examined previously in the module, focusing primarily on the cinematic influences of Italian neorealism thereafter, Nouvelle Vague and the British New Wave that helped to inspire a generation of new directors to develop and thus transform contemporary Iranian cinema. Before the rise of the “New Wave” genre,…

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  • Analysis Of The Film James Longley

    What was the filmmakers purpose? The filmmaker James Longley is showing the perspective through the Iraqis eyes in a war torn country. He examines the daily life of the citizens and how they go about their routines while being surrounded with such horror. He shows the way religion plays a key role in chaos of the country. What is the the argument? What assertions or claims are made? Longley is arguing that United States is the reason for the destruction happening in Iraq. The citizens portray…

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