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  • Agatha Dave Quotes Analysis

    Agatha Christie states, “If you love, you will suffer, and if do not love, you do not know the meaning of a Christian life”. The quote means that Jesus loved everyone and he suffered for us by being brutally tortured by Pontius Pilate. Some of the incidents Jesus went through were more serious than the ones these characters go through in the novel, but they still suffered in their own way. Nonetheless, the second part of this quote mirrors that if you do not love, you will not find God or…

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  • Dr. Martin Luther King: The Fooled Man

    Listening to this informational sermon, I believe that Jesus called the man a fool because all he wanted to do was focus in each material thing whether centering himself in his spiritual gifts given to him by the Lord. All the man could focus on was putting himself before others and Jesus. The fooled man was always concerned with what others might think of him because he put everything above himself rather than focusing on his spiritual giving’s from God. In the sermon, Dr. Martin Luther King…

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  • Salvation Army Service

    This semester, I volunteered at the Salvation Army for twelve hours for my Introduction to Human Services course. The Salvation Army is a fundamental Christian church. It holds services on Sundays and programs and connections to help the people in need. It was founded by William Booth in 1865. The agency’s mission is to spread and preach the word of God. Also, to help people meet their needs. The organization has become worldwide and has spread across 127 countries, which countless locations.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Bradstreet And Edwards

    Catering vs. Force Feeding the Name of the Lord American poet, Anne Bradstreet and philosopher, Jonathan Edwards are both of the christian faith from the age of the Puritans in the 1700, each creating pieces with the love of their Lord in mind. Though the two have the same goal, to send the word of their religion around, they individually use their own literary devices to convey their feelings and thoughts in various ways, Bradstreet goes approaching the subject with delicacy and grace while…

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  • A More Christ-Like God Analysis

    A large part of what compiles the New Testament of the Bible is the recollection of the life and works of Jesus. This collection is commonly known as the Gospel. The Greek word “gospel” translates to “Good news”. What was considered to be such good news in these accounts? There are obviously a number of themes that run through the Gospels but one of the larger recurring message that appears throughout this good news is that we are able to find joy in and through suffering. Suffering no longer…

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  • Knowing God Summary

    Truett-McConnell University Knowing God Book Review Caleb King Christian Theology I Dr. Whitlock April 7, 2016 The book, Knowing God, written by J.I. Packer applies to both the most devout Christians and nonbelievers. The book is broken down into three sections Know The Lord, Behold Your God, and If God Be For Us. Packer poses the question; do you honestly know the true Lord? Packer shows us throughout his book how we should know the Lord and why we should strive for a relationship with…

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  • Sacred Places Research Paper

    A common consensus of a sacred place is that it encompasses a physical place. This place is a designated area where we are free to worship, release the burdens of life and verbally or physically communicate with God. More importantly, sacred places are said to be places of healing and spiritual development. As with any natural living process, organisms grow and change in sync with a rapidly evolving environment. This can be vaguely applied to the concept of sacred places which is mainly…

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  • Chapter 1 Corinthians: Chapter Analysis

    1 Corinthians is Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church in Greece that takes on both an admonishing and encouraging tone. Though there are many themes throughout this book, chapter 15 zooms in on one main topic: the resurrection. The church’s beliefs had started to become infused with the culture’s beliefs and they had begun to doubt the truth of the Resurrection. In this chapter, Paul tries to combat this, simultaneously answering several worldview questions. The first and most prominent…

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  • Can Jesus Sign Hannah Lewis Analysis

    experiences of oppressed people construct perceptions of Christ. One theologian she particularly engages with is womanist theologian Jacquelyn Grant, and Grant’s example of how “the ‘Christ symbol’ has been reconstructed in the past, by ordinary Christians to be transformative rather than oppressive” (Lewis 140). This language of Christ as a symbol has appeared in many of our class reading so far this semester. While it seems to be a significant idea for much of liberationist theology (including…

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  • Bethany Baptist Church Reflection Paper

    In 2016, Bethany Baptist Church celebrates eighty-four years of ministry in the Highlands area of Louisville. The church’s peak membership of more than 1,100 people occurred in the 1970’s, during the ministry of the senior pastor with the longest tenure at Bethany—a tenure of twenty-four years. From 1986 to 2010, the church saw five senior pastors come and go, with an average pastoral tenure of less than four years. At the time of my call to serve as senior pastor in 2011, much work had…

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